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❤︎United Church of God
This is the foundational information anyone needs to understanding the bible and and God instituted Holy Days that God set up.  They were set up to show the plan of God for Mankind.  A perfect and awesome plan that is called the Mystery of the Gospel of God. Jesus revealed this plan so you can live a life of purpose.
This site has the best booklets (free of charge) and videos to start your journey knowing and following God.  They will lead you to study the bible with your own eyes and learn.

Free Booklets here: https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets
πŸ’™Also I recommend  United Church of God, Preaching the gospel - preparing a people 

πŸ’™For Some Prophecy one must read or watch his messages is Jonathan Cahn who is also the writer of the book "The Harbinger"  
Look him up on UTUBE too.  You will be amazed at what God has been showing him.

πŸ’™Another favorite author is David Hulme of Visions.  Want proof of things, This site is full of truth!  Videos and articles you will not want to miss!  HERE

*Read the four horsemen article

πŸ’™ Mystery of the Ages by Herbert W. Armstrong
Note: a complete archive of Mr Armstrong's broadcasts, news casts, booklets, etc are still available HERE.....Click link.

Did you ever ask yourself: who am I ? What am I? Why am I? you are a mystery.  The world about you is a mystery. Now, you can understand.
my comment:  I first read this book in the late 1970's.  It was one of many that changed how I see things and helped me to study the bible like never before.  It is a foundational book if you seek truth and want to open your eyes to understanding our purpose .  I highly recommend it.  This link lets you download it free to kindle.  But you can find the book on amazon too.   
Mr Armstrong became very controversial in his time.  A lot of religions did not like what he said.  But then the major religious leaders of Christs day hated Jesus Christ too!  Why? because he spoke the truth and showed all men what is sin and why we are so special to God.

Read Entire Book on line at THIS LINK! 
My comments on these links:
these teachers of God's truths are to be studied.  No one has all truth but together as you study them along side the bible you will gain truth!  Pray often for discernment of God truth!

 Mr Armstrong has gone to sleep until the resurrection but  the others are alive.  I believe all  are lead by God for each has a important message.  Mr Armstrong carried a TRUTH to the world and still is that no one else covers.  Joyce covers your personal relationship to God and esp to woman on the battle field of the Mind.  How we think and what we think.
We do not learn all things from one human.  No human knows all things.  ALL knowledge comes for God alone.  Specifically Jesus Christ The Word, the son of God the Father.  God does use humans to express to the people of earth some of His knowledge.  Each in the way that will help them the most in their journey as physical human beings. Truth is like a puzzle where all the pieces are around us but it is up to us to rely on God to reveal where they fit to the whole!

You will see many who hate and downgrade the peoples above but then Christ Himself was killed for what He spoke wasn't He!  If there is one book every new believer should read besides the bible of course it is the Mystery of the Ages and the second would be the book by J.Meyers "Battle field of the Mind".

I personally believe Mr Armstrong was a chosen Apostle from God to share the knowledge that God wanted those of us in the end times of this world to know.  Everyone needs to take the scriptures he gives and look it up for yourselves!!  Prove what He is saying.  Ask God to direct you .  Dont believe anyone unless you study the scripture.  I have and after all these years I only see one person who really says it like God revealed it and that was HWA.  There were points that as He grew spiritually that was changed but nothing in the message of the Good news Christ Brought.  The main part of that message is just as true now as ever.  That all the other churches are teaching about Christ and NOT the truth of the Kingdom of God to come. Which is vital to understand in order to spiritual grow.  
πŸ’™"A New way of living"
Are you Seeking God? Want to know more on how to have a closer relationship with God?
what is required to change your Life and Begin to really Live?  Watch broadcasts by Joyce Meyers today!  She covers great down to earth ways to improve your thinking, and acting as a believer.

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