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Before God called:
Let me be right up front!  I am not writing this blog with no experience.  I have not spent my life in some easy walk, but I have grown in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord and Savior!  I am writing in plain english what GOD has taught me.  I am writing what GOD leads me to write.  This is how I started out in life:

I did not grow up in any church, or even know about God for many years.  My dad was very much against regular church and considered them deceptive and users of old woman.  He was a forceful man with very high intelligence, and felt no need for a "God" in his life.  His wife and children were to do as he said, and he worked very hard to provide all that they needed.

However, my mother, a gentle woman, did receive a calling from God sometime around the time when I turned 9 or 10.  Thus, in secret she would let me read bible stories but she never attended regular church and any minister that tried to visit was immediately thrown out of the house.

                                                          (my mom and dad, my little sister and me long time ago)
I was about 15, when I had my first experience with God.  I had ran out of the house late at night to look at the stars.   We lived in Idaho at the time.  I went to the small hill behind the house ( it was a farm) and looking at the massive stars and lights, I said, "if you are real God, will you show me you are?"  Immediately a large light flashed across the heavens.  A shooting star!  Scared me to death, and I ran back into the house and never doubted that there was indeed a God.  It was at this same time, I started having dreams, or "injections" as I call them about future events that God gives me and they come true.  I do not always understand the meanings, but always see the connection when later the event happens.  My sister has this same gift.  I have kept journals for years of the dreams and outcomes as evidence.
(Dad on his horse, and mom on my horse)

Yes I know many nay sayers will say it was coincidence, but I KNOW  that there are NO coincidence's in a true believers life.

(me on my horse around 15)

I was to aimlessly wander through life as everyone else for my teen years.  I went to high school, became involved with the group who drank too much, went to drinking parties, got into fights or I should say was beaten up from a small town gang, and basically was a dead fish floating down stream, (photo of my me at my 16th birthday with a new "swinger" polaroid camera LOL)  I was shy, loved all animals, and the outdoors.  I did not know people wanted to hurt others.

Married the first guy that said he loved me.  We had a child, a sweet little girl.  But, I was easily led astray again, by another man.  He said he loved me, so I left my husband for this man.  We had a son out of wedlock.  It was about 1977 when we got married after my son was born.

The very next year was when God called me up and out of my wasting life.  I will never forget the day. (1978) I had been cleaning my husbands office, and came across a bible.  Looked like it had never been opened, and I certainly had never read one!  I opened to a page just randomly and it was the story of the woman caught in adultery.  When I got to the part where Christ says, "Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more"  I dropped to the floor in weeping, as a flood of spiritual waters flooded over me like warm waters.
God was touching me, opening my mind to understand and hear him!

I soon started attending church, only to be met with huge opposition from not only my husband but his family.  His dad commanding my husband to stop my going, and called day and night for weeks in hateful conversations that scared me to death!  I would pray a lot!

Soon, my husbands dad had a massive heart attack and died.  I was later baptized in Jan of 1979.
I studied the bible daily, with the concordance and attending bible studies at church.  I went through the whole bible three times in three years from front to back.  I continue to study today every day.

                                           After God Called Me:

My children
The next years were filled with attending church and studies.  I attended the church God called me to learn in.  I grew as did my children at this church.  It followed the bible and taught the word of God to the extent it understood. But of course we each grow spiritually different as well.  
My children were taught by me daily, the word of God but not as a condemnation and judgmental way but in a way that showed them how much God loved them and the incredible plan He had for them as well as me.  God showed me to teach by example more than preaching.  My attitude, my mind set, my actions and words.  These had to line up with God's word in order to show them how to follow God and so they could see the miracles and help God gave us every day from living His way of life instead of the way the world lives.  

I should note I had given birth to three children in my life.  Two were before God called me.  I was married the first time before God called me and I had a little girl.  I left this marriage and lost the ability to see my first daughter. 
 I then went on to live with my "later to be" second marriage and gave birth to a son.  I was living with this man when I conceived and my mate wanted me to get a abortion. 
Even though I knew nothing of the ways of God this thought to kill my baby was not a option to me.  I knew it was a  LIFE!  I refused even after he threatened to kick me out.  But he did not and after our son was born he apologized with weeping for he was so proud of his son.  He adorned this new baby. And we married within one year of his birth.  
Around 8 years later and after I was called I gave birth to my final child a little girl again.  
I had lost my first daughter to divorce but this increased my resolve to keep safe and teach my two I had now.  Nothing would ever separate me from my children as I had grown in maturity but also in spiritual love of God and Knowledge of God's plan for mankind.    This is crucial to teaching our children of their purpose and that they are Holy and set apart for Gods way of life. 

 1985 Death of Second husband:
Seven years after I was baptized my husband of my last two children was killed by a drunk driver.
he had never wanted to accept Christ and had been drinking and driving a motor bike the day he died.
Leaving me in a unfinished house in Alaska with a 8 yr old and a newborn of 7 months or so.  

Church 1979 to 1998:
I served in this church almost 20 years, and was anointed a leader in my church.  From teaching children and teens.  I was anointed  in 1997.  I loved singing for the congregation and continued to grow.  As did the church! It was growing! Somewhere around 1995 this church had a major split.  New leaders and new knowledge was coming to light.  Some stayed where they were- others grew into a water downed version and others were taught the fulfillment of Christ's coming.  Still I stayed with the main group until My third Marriage.  This man was in this church and had kids of his own.  This Marriage lasted only 3 years when He left me for another woman much younger.  
This was devastating to my kids and me.  We lived in a motorhome for what I called the "wilderness training Year".  I quit attending the church since this man was a assistant pastor there.  God took me out so that I could learn more...........

I continued to attend some different churches but since the split of the church I had been going to, I had no church that believed what God was clearly showing me was truth!  Meaning doctrines.  The two doctrines that I found crossed Gods truths were #1 Heaven and Hell- where a church believes that if you’r not saved now you go to a burning everlasting hell or if you do believe you go straight to heaven and live a life of ease floating on clouds.  

I believe there is NO burning ever lasting hell, for the God who I serve is not cruel like that.  For those who have had time and opportunity, “unbelievers”who refuse God will simple be burnt up at the end of judgement.  Forever separated from God and the living.  For all those who never had the chance or opportunity to know God they will live again to get that chance as a physical human again.  To those who grow and overcome will be changed into spirit beings at Christ’s return or if dead they shall be resurrected at His coming.  This is the first resurrection.  
#2 Sabbath day.  The Sabbath day was the 7th day.  That day is now called Saturday not SUN day.  Anyone can look up these things and what was instituted by God and what was made up by man or ancient sun worshippers.  With that being said, I am not against going to church and worshipping to God on a sunday.  If done with true faith and worship.  I am saying if you are in the faith that only one day is a day to rest and worship God it should be the day He set apart right? Not man.  

I have been diligently studying these things with much prayer for years!  This is my 38th year.  This is not my opinion these are what God’s words say.  History shows truth.  But who really wants to know truth?  Most don’t.  I do!  I want to know GODS truth.  I pray for this always.  If you pray for something for 38 yrs would not God give you this truth??? YES!  SEEK and Ye shall find but one has to be called by the Father and diligently be seeking it.  It is a life long journey.  

So on the subject of church, God has not put me back into weekly attendance. Why?
I will tell you why.  It came in a dream right before my second husband died.  “in the dream I was sitting at a table in a diner with a angel or Christ who was talking to me a long time.  My husband was sweeping floors (something he never would have done for a job!) but he asked Christ, “can I come with you and know the truth ? (or something like that)  but Christ told him his time was Not Yet.  Then we continued on a path a long time with Him teaching me many things. “ 
At first I told many friends at church that I thought it meant he would be called by God soon .  But in fact my husband died soon after. (1985)
 The dream said Not Yet for it was not to be God’s time to call him.  But I had a long journey to go and much to learn yet in this life.  AND God was truly teaching me all the way.  I was done with what God wanted me to learn from that church.  God was going to see that I kept learning from Him through many ways.  Some of my favorite teachers are Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers visions.org and the United church of God.  We can glean from many if we have a mind to know what is truth and what is not according to God.  Keep the word of God as your ruler of what is correct.  None of us have all knowledge.  We are all learning and growing.  But the more we follow the examples of Christ the more we grow.  

So for now, God is teaching me in His ways until HE decides that I am ready for whatever He is going to use me for.  It could be these writings, or some other platform.  I do not believe my witness is without progress in touching others lives in a positive way.  

I moved out of Alaska and moved with my kids to Redmond Oregon.  We were able to get a acreage with house with a lease /Option to buy where we raised sheep.  We had a couple horses, dogs, cats, and attended church there until my life took another turn.  
I married another man but this time I married someone of the same church.  Thinking this would work.  I even went for meeting with a pastor with this new man to see if we were doing the right thing and his pastor thought we would be a good match.  It was the worst couple years of my life.  This man had lied about himself and worse was manipulative and ended up he was after someone to pay his bills, and provide for him.  I ended up alone again and was thankful to get out alive since he was also mentally abusive with threats of using a gun. 
Lesson learned:  Just because someone goes to church and pastors think it is good, Put your trust in GOD not man!  

My oldest son, was baptized and going to a christian college.  
My youngest daughter was doing well in school.  
Again I met a man in church.  He would call and talk to me long distance for months.  He lived on the coast and I was still living on my little mini ranch in central oregon.  We married in 1995. He was the one who would leave me for a much younger woman.  But before he did we were both received the laying on of hands into ministry.  I was leading a growing women ministry and He was a lay pastor.  
When he kicked my daughter and I out, it was a devastating part of life but I am thankful.  God showed me in a dream that it would happen.  
In the dream I was in a large bus.  The driver was a angel or Christ I do not know but I was taken on many roads and my husband was not with me but my daughter was.  The dream meant God was in the drivers seat of my life and I would be taken places yet unknown and in His care.  My daughter was baptized in fall of 1997 right before this marriage ended in 1998.*****************************************************
This ended my first 19 year cycle since my baptism. 
This ended my attendance of that church.  But I learned vital lessons of truth from it because for the most part they taught the bible.  But humans are sinful and we all fall at times.  For the last part of 1998 and all of 1999 my daughter and I lived in a motorhome while my son was away at college.  

Finally God opened door miraculously to own a home again.  In those days even though I had some income from the death benefits of my late husband I could not get loans.  But when we find this cute bungalow overlooking the bay in Oregon God gave me the money through unusual means to buy it at a low 74,000.00 dollars.  It needed tons of yard work and some work on the house but we had a home.  Amazing how much one appreciates things like our own washer and dryer, our own trash pick up and not having to dump the black water in a motor home any more!  We could flush the toilet and use the shower whenever we wanted!!  ;-).  We worked hard to clean up years of trash in the back yard, and dug up ground to plant rock gardens and paths.  Put in a new chain link fence and dad built me a art studio out back.  

My daughter was in high school.  We prayed and worshipped God alone.  She did well in band and art.  Got her drivers lic and my oldest son was away most the time looking for work in the digital art field.  God was teaching him many lessons too.  I became president of a youth group playing jazz and volunteered a lot with them.  Later that year the twin towers were attacked. This happened just as we passed over a bridge one day I was taken my daughter to school.  Amazing how things like that are burned into our minds forever !   
A year of blessings.  God helped us get a new computer, and a new car.  It was one yr old but new.  2001.  I took a part time job to help our dwindling monthly income.  I was soon not receiving money from SS in Bobs death.  Because the kids were getting 18 years old.

I starting dating a newly baptized man who was a musician.  We married later that year.  We are still married today.  Though it has been very difficult at times.  God continues to teach and help us through all things.  My husband has ADHD but a dedicated husband and never gives up on trying to learn about God too.

Currently I doing my ministry to those who write me for help.  I just finished working with women in Oregon with arts and crafts.  I headed up a team of ladies to help them learn to sell their handmade /vintage etc items online for extra income in these trying times.  Most were older women.  The team was to be positive based and to inspire and help each other.  It started in 2008 and I had to quit for health reasons.  I am now recuperating and healing in a new state and starting a new chapter in my life.  I had lost all my hair a couple years ago, then it grew back pure white.  Except one spot of black on the back.  Weird.  ;-)  Then I had a collapse at home which I took as a sign from God that I had to move and change my whole outlook on my physical health.  It has taken me 8 months but I am now 30 pounds lighter, eating organic, exercising better.  I have had to overcome great odds to get where I am now.  It was a matter of seeing my condition as spiritual and overlooking the physical.  Not negating the physical as we need a healthy body to keep close to God and do His work.  I consider this blog part of that work.  I use social media to speak about God and twitter to post important news regarding the return of Jesus Christ to earth  and prophecy.  https://twitter.com/ArtistSalzano
I also find the best information to read if one wishes to know truth of Holy Days, What Christ set as days and times for us to celebrate and keep and just things we need to know.  Ponder or muse upon .

In all my art, Ceramics, surface design for fabrics etc I keep in mind that I live for Christ and everything must glorify HIM.  My actions, attitudes and work reflect back to Him.  I am not the Judge, He is.  My job is to worship Him and Praise Him daily.  Giving thanks for all things.  My journey is just beginning.  For we live in the time of huge changes world wide.

I have decided to put my Personal life journal on the reg. blog pages.  You will have to scroll down to see the first one, then each one as I have time is entered with date it was entered.  I also at the bottom of each journal entry is my Personal Notes to the reader about my thoughts on what was happening today.  Our lives are a process.  It is through the process that we learn.  There is only so much one can learn from reading the bible.  A lot more is learned by living every day.  The bible is our guide but take the fact written in life that a fire is hot. Until you touch a fire you really do not know what HOT is.  I can read that hot hurts my flesh but somewhere along the road of life i learn it by touching it.  It maybe unintentional but I learn the best by getting burned.  Hopefully some learn by reading our examples and say to themselves, Wow, I don't want that to happen to me, I am not going to do what they did.  But sadly or maybe Good!  We learn in a way that eventually we stop doing what is harmful to us and to others.  So my intent to write and bare my soul , my life with all my stupid mistakes and all my triumphs in faith is laid bare here.  I am a ordinary person with no great talents like a great brain for facts or super good in any one area.  Except one.  I Know I have a close personal relationship in God.  I feel very close to God.  We are a team.  He leads.  I listen.  I love for no other reason than to love the one who loves me more than any person alive on earth.  I don't understand all he is doing but I do KNOW He Loves Me.  I know He loves mankind.  Mankind means All humans on earth.. He does not love sin which hurts mankind.  The very first entry I have recorded is here. 1978 

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