Funny Every Day lessons (2 min reading time)

I was just finishing up getting dressed after my early morning swim.  Standing at the sinks and had finished everything but put my earrings in.  I have been going there for one year now!

Many times I have struggled to get my earrings in correctly because my eyesight is not so good unless my reading glasses are on.  Of course in my hurry to get going I try to do it without putting my glasses in and many times get frustrated.  Which is hysterical because it takes like , what?  Two seconds?  Anyway I then noticed and realized....You know those light bulb moments ;-)
that a huge desk top mirror with englarger on back sat there in front of me.  I have KNOWN it was there all this time. I KNEW it had a magnifier on back.  But I had not put two and two together that... hey! I can save time and see my ear lobe by using the magnifier right before me!!  HA! 

The thing is we all do things like this but do we then apply these weird moments of life to apply spiritually what we just learned physically?

Well God wants us too !

For me, this lesson means that many many times in my life I am going along getting frustrated at some things when God has something right there within reach to make it work out better if I would slow down and use it!  Ponder that a bit and I bet you can see the spiritual answer!   

God is waiting for us to use prayer and true faith more. He is always there for us.  Our attitude blinds us many times to His help. That old saying "God helps those who help themselves is NOT in the bible"  God teaches throughout His word that God helps us and does not expect us to do things that are out of our control and many things we could control would go better if we allow Him to direct us!  His Holy Spirit is in us,
 (if not you can receive it by a 190 degree turn in your life AKA repentance and be baptised in Christs Name!) 
We need to access this free gift of His help and stop depending on our job, our self efforts, our great brains, LOL!  He is offering us a blank check to His Love and teaching.  There is nothing He cannot help us with if we humble ourselves and pray.  

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