God made the sabbath for mankind not mankind for the sabbath

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What do you believe about the Sabbath day that Christ instituted?
The majority of the "christian" world says keep Sunday.  That from the time you get up till you go to bed that Sunday is the lords sabbath.  That you go to church, and when a plate is passed around you drop some coin or bills in and hear a sermon or two.  Kids go to their room for children's stories while parents sit in the adult area.  People sing in a choir and possibly everyone has food afterwards for potluck or go out to eat.  Soon as that is done it is back home and do what you always do.  

But wait, what did Christ do?  Was it sunday?  Have you ever looked it up?  If so you found that the 7th day that was kept by Christ is not sunday.  Maybe you know that but think it does not matter what day.  If your going to keep the Sabbath don't you think it should be the same day as Christ and the Apostles kept? 

What was it created for anyway? What can you do or not do on the sabbath? What are the hours of the sabbath and what ultimately did Christ expect this day to portray in His plan for mankind?

Mar 2:24 The Pharisees asked him, "Look! Why are they doing what is not lawful on Sabbath days?"
Mar 2:27 Then he told them, "The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath.
Mar 2:28 Therefore, the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath."

As usual, I expect the reader to look up all scripture themselves and prove it to themselves because that way you learn.  I have links at the top of the page to free booklets from various places to study the bible on any subject.  The United Church of God has them Here.

I will sum up for you what I have found in my studies these past 38+ years

The sabbath was created by God for Man.  Christ created it for us not the other way around. 
 Meaning it was to help us.  To help us take one day off from normal work and self interest to be close to God. Thus keeping us on track with the ways that lead to a healthy mind, better relationships, proper character building and for fellowshipping with other people walking with God.  
These are some of the physical reasons but also the spirit needs renewing.  The Holy spirit must be renewed daily but also weekly.  There are many aspects to this but in this summary, I will mention a few.  The spiritual reason for all the Holy Days that was created for us to understand is because it points us to the big picture of Why we are , Who we are, and What is our destiny.
This was called the MYSTERY of the coming Kingdom of God but it is revealed in the age of Man around the 1950's.  But few would believe or follow what is revealed.  

The sabbath was not and never was created to be a set of rules and regulations that no one can bear.  It was not a rule of stuff man wants to make up for rituals.  It was not a day to to make your own either.  

God set aside the 7th day in the creation week.  From sundown on the day before to the sundown of the 7th day.  It points us to the coming Kingdom of God when all the earth will rest from the rule of Satan and mankind's selfishness to Christ's rule of peace and prosperity for ALL. 

By the way... Do you want to know WHY sundown to sundown?  Why darkness is first of a new day instead of sunshine like most believe?  Think about it... God instituted darkness first to each NEW day because He is showing us that we live in Darkness first!  We live in a dark world void of Gods truth and it is not the Kingdom of God YET.  That comes later after the period of Dark!  Thus from Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday ( one night and one day) is Sabbath. Sabbath is the coming Kingdom of God.  The world thinks we live from midnight to midnight right.? 12Am to 12Pm.  Or darkness to darkness like satan wants us to believe, a hopeless future.  That is a LIE.  Gods way give us hope and future!!!  ;-) 

 At no time since the beginning of man has their been perfect peace and enough food , housing etc for all people around the world!  The SABBATH is a reminder of the coming time that shall be!  Remember the story of how the Lamb Shall dwell with the Lion?  
Isa 65:25  "The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox; but as for the serpent—its food will be dust! They won't harm or destroy on my entire holy mountain," says the LORD.

This is talking about after Christ returns!  How exciting and amazing it shall be.  This is a temporary world.  A new one is coming and very soon!!  
THAT is why the sabbath was created.  First to rest and return focus to God every week but also of a time of Rest world wide with Christ ruling on EARTH for 1000 years!  

I personally do not feel it is right to make the people coming to church feel obligated to give money at services!  How intimidating to have a plate/bowl come around where those who have little or none see others put in their big money.  Giving was suppose to be from the heart and ability of the giver.  Never was it suppose to be a ritualistic law.  We never are to judge ourselves against others either but giving should be between you and God only.  AND Churches should have enough FAITH to believe GOD provides the income NOT THE PEOPLE.  Where is the Church LEADERS faith?  If your church is not getting enough income maybe you are NOT teaching the truth or living the truth! 
peace and abundance comes with Christ.....

You should take that one day and be with those who love God and talk about what God is doing. Take extra time alone with God.  Worship Him with song and fellowship.  It is all about FAMILY!  God is family.  We are to be united and as ONE.  Acting like and doing things like God, Like Christ!  No excuses any more, study and find out the truth your self.  Then DO what you know your to do.  
Time is getting very short and the word of God will be taken away for awhile.  But what you commit to your heart and mind no man can take away.  God bless you in your search for truth...........

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