Will Jesus help you live in sin? many believe so!

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I heard a panel on tv say something that ultimately means they do not know God or they would not have presumed to answer the way they did.  A question was asked about how Jesus would have acted in regards to a present day lawsuit.  I will not go into the details because it does not matter except the answer does matter.  The answer these people gave was that most certainly Jesus would go ahead and do this thing even though if one reads and studies the bible it is against God's purpose for humankind.

God is NEVER going to condone or help any act that is harmful to humans.
Stealing, lying, killing, sexual sins, deceiving others, idol worshipping are some things that are by themselves hurting the people who do them!  The wrongs in mind or body that are destroying God's people are sin.  God created mankind and His creation is Holy.  What we were created to be like, to live and think is to be like Him.  Righteous, good, Holy, reflecting the character of God.
To be anything but is to be hurting ourselves and those around us.
 Anything not in the will of God is against God. 
 Manmade ideas of right and wrong do not make them OK in God's sight!

But this is the bottom line.  Today the truth of God is so far gone from knowledge that everyone just makes up their own mind what they want to believe is right and wrong.  The Majority of churches around the world do not teach TRUTH according to the word of GOD.  They teach the things of man.  Be anything you want, Do anything you want if it feels right.  You deserve to choose whatever you want and if you feel it is right in your heart it is ok.  We are "good" people.  Not if your choosing to go directly against everything God purposes for people to be like!  Not when these things are ultimately destroying us!!  Satan is happy to keep people in the dark of lies and deception because he wants us to be eliminated. Notice how close this word Illuminated is to Eliminated!  Satan has always wanted us to be "illuminated" to his truth.  This "truth " will get us all killed for ever.  The line between right and wrong has never been so blurred!!
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The panel I was speaking about above do not know the God I know.  They seem to think He never punishes people.  That He is forever forgiving and never correcting!  What about Sodom and Gomorra ?  Who brought down the rain of hail that turned the one lady who turned back into a pillar of salt?  Who wiped out a lot of people who loved sinful behavior.

What about numerous other stories in the bible of Gods correction.  The flood, the many times God turned His own Israel to slavery for rebellion and sin?  God is perfect and constantly forgiving of His children but He is also a God of great wrath for all who refuse to change when they know they are sinning! WHY is He so?  DUH!  Because he loves us and wants us to live abundant Healthy lives in joy and fullness.  NOT in sin, reaping the results of sin upon our bodies and minds and affecting those around us!!  What parent (except bad parents) want their children to turn out to be murderers, thieves and rebels to end up spending life in prison or on death row????
God does not! So yes we shall reap what we sow.  In hopes that we do change and God alone can put the pressure on until we do see the difference.  Thank you God for loving us too much to let us stay where we are!!
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