Why so many different churches? Is Christ Divided?

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Divisions in the Church
1Co 1:10  Brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, I urge all of you to be in agreement and not to have divisions among you, so that you may be perfectly united in your understanding and opinions.
1Co 1:11  My brothers, some members of Chloe's family have made it clear to me that there are quarrels among you.
1Co 1:12  This is what I mean: Each of you is saying, "I belong to Paul," or "I belong to Apollos," or "I belong to Cephas," or "I belong to the Messiah."

1Co 1:13  Is the Messiah divided? Paul wasn't crucified for you, was he? You weren't baptized in Paul's name, were you?

With all the different denominations one would wonder, who then has the truth?  There is one God, One lord Jesus Christ who was the word who is now the son of God . Who has given us not only the Word (the Holy Bible) but His example of how we are act, what Holy Days to keep, to understand the plan of God.  Let me repeat, Why does God give us the word, and a example?  So that we can understand who we are, why we are and what is God's ultimate plan for mankind after this life on this world. 

Christ knew there were going to be divisions. It was happening as soon as He died and was resurrected.  amazing as it sounds, it was but a small membership of people who would continue to keep and understand the word that Christ Himself preached.  Not a majority of people and def. not a huge world wide church of mixed rules and regulations.  Even today the true followers of Christ are divided with certain laws and ways.  Having yet to grow into spiritual maturity of the depth of Gods love in the law of His righteousness!  
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Thus when you are looking for a church to follow and learn from make sure they line up with the bible on truth.  What day is the sabbath? What are the Holy days, (not holidays of man) and what were the examples Christ Himself taught.  

Most important is what church is teaching you to grow in character and as a mature spiritual follower of Christ! Because most people can go through the motions of keeping a sabbath, following rules (at least what is seen by others) acting the right religious ways, talking the same talk as those at church but it is the INNER man that is suppose to change. It is the inner person that is either learning to live in love toward others or not.
What single sign says you are Gods followers?  It is how you think and act every day when no one is looking! 

Make prayer your first thing to do as you pick out the right place for you and your family to go.  It is not wise to go with the biggest church, or the the one that is closet to your house if they are not teaching and living the truths of God's word.  

The reason there is so many churches is because it took man no time at all to see the money and power one could have by proclaiming Jesus Christ but doing whatever was right in their own eyes.  For more information this site has free booklets with scripture proof of Gods truth on any subject just click here****
If the link does not work you can find UCG booklets in my page on top listed as important links.  
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It is worth your time to wait for God to lead you to the right place to learn and study from and do NOT take some persons word as truth until you double check the scriptures and see if it is true.  For most are being blindly led in wrong teaching of Who God is, what He is planning and What is your destiny!  
Christ and the Father are NOT divided.  His followers should not be divided either.  He will have much to say about that I am sure when He returns.  We must be working in unity for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.  We must be praying  for each other daily even without knowing each other personally.  Never speaking badly about our brothers and sisters in Christ Name or thinking of ourselves as being more wise and better.  But as children who are all growing in the knowledge and grace of our lord Jesus Christ.  He is full aware of what we know and where we are in the walk of salvation.  He alone can save us or teach us the things we do not know yet.  Trust Him.  

Time is short and way more short than it was 10 years ago so do not delay, your life, your family and loved ones lives depend on know God and choosing a correct way to live.  
God bless you and keep you as you trust Him to open or close doors in your journey...........
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