The Purpose of Sex spiritually speaking....

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The movie world has a common theme these days.  Man meets girl at bar (most the time) then they go have mad, wild sex like they are starving for it, the end.   Or it could go on a bit and they move in with each other until one or both is no longer thrilled with the other person and they go hunting again.  

Sounds just like the animal kingdom.  Female is in heat, her smell tells the male of her species she is ready to receive sperm. Thus the male hunts her down where they have wild sex for one good impregnation  and then most animals split up and are done with each other. Yes I know that some animals mate for life, not many but some do.  But for a overall look- we are acting just like the animal world instead of acting like the God created humans we were meant to portray.  

So why did God create sex?  We are talking about God almighty who has a purpose for every single thing He creates.  He is perfect in all His ways.  He created animals to have sex, mate for the purpose to keep populating the earth.  Animals were made for eating, and for what they provide for man. (hides, leather, wool, food ) As is everything God creates they are also part of a incredible linked whole to the earth and its purpose. Just like the weather, the rotating earth etc.  All are linked together with a rhythm of life, death and renewal.  God speaking His purpose and intent for man to understand if he chooses to.  Earth was created for man to live.  By man I mean all humans.  It was not created just for animals to live.  That is not the purpose of earth.  It is the place where physical mankind is to be born, grow, live and die.  Everything on earth is for them.  The air to breathe. The water to drink, to water the plants for man and animals to eat, for fish of the sea for mankind to eat, to enjoy and look after.  
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The man and woman in chapter one of the bible were to give birth to many children and their children to have children.  For they were created for the purpose to be heirs to God's coming Kingdom of God.  Not yet for this is a spiritual kingdom.  But is coming and sex is a analogy of something Spiritual.
Sex is only one small thing God instituted but huge importance.  It was not to be ugly, hurtful, or distorted.  Sex was to be the union between the Male God created and the Female.  God created them male and female to have sex with each other for a bonding between the two also.  To bond sexually is uniting the two as ONE.  Not only do they produce more humans, but they grow more in unison as they grow together.  The intent was to learn LOVE and caring for each other.  The intent was to learn to teach their offspring of God the Creator who made them.   To teach them the lasting rules of Love toward others and to God.  God first and then to each other.  

The sex act is spiritually uniting two into one.  This shows how humankind is to become one in purpose, actions, character with God. It is like we are the bride to Christ.  To unite or as the Holy Day Atonement shows -At -One -with God. Not each person seeking his or her own way of doing things, no longer people seeking to decide for themselves what is right or wrong but all of God's children learning to act as one with righteous character according to God's love and purpose.  

Have you ever met a aged couple who have spent their life together?  If so most are usually so in tune with each other they do not have to speak what they want or desire. The other just knows how the other is viewing things.  They even start to talk the same.  They seek the same goals, they become one unit of two beings walking in harmony and purpose.   
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Sex is a HOLY union between two people of opposite sex.  That is a unbreakable law of God.  To break it is a automatic consequence of sorrow and pain in many different ways.  Why? Because God made them for one purpose.  If a manufacture of some product has a warning label and instruction book about the use and purpose of this product and the new owner of the said products uses it for something other than what it is made for what happens?  If you buy a toaster and then decide to put it in the dishwasher it most likely will not work again.  Poor example but maybe you can start to see it is not a punishment because we do not marry and keep sex between husband and wife it is a wrong use for what we are made for.  It produces wrong mental attitudes, it produces broken children, and broken families are the break down of all society.  As see today.  Today there is no right or wrong and people do as they want.  Then we wonder why so much crime, hate, murder, deceit, and chaos.    

The best book I ever read on sex is called "the Missing dimension of Sex" Just click here to read for free online...
It has all the scripture to study, the in depth knowledge you need for further study.

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We are not animals.  We are Gods created people with the potential to become actual born again spirit beings in God's coming kingdom. One that will be spread out among the heavens to every planet one day.  It is so big our minds can not really understand how awesome it is.  But Christ is returning soon and then all will be revealed.  Better to be living with God's teaching now then learn the hard way later.  
And what if we have fallen and not been living a life like Christ taught?  Just start now !  It does not matter what your life used to be, it matters what you do now!  Go to God and tell him how sorry you are for the past and that you need Him to help you change and go a different path.  He always helps those who are sincere. ALWAYS!

....... May God bless you and keep you walking in truth.  ...........
Family is so important.  Our human families are our foundation of who we are or are not today...©salzano

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