the lost art of Improvisation

Mary Moore Park, Redmond Washington ©salzano

Growing up with my parents included a lot of improvisation.  
It was and is used a lot with poor people. Because they need to do it. Having little we learned to make do with tools, and materials at hand.  It could be as little as making do with plastic containers food came in for storage boxes or as big as my dad making a part for the car or tractor.  He learned how to remake metal parts for anything that had a engine.  Whatever the problems there is always a way if you keep the knowledge of what do you need it to do and what do I have on hand or can readily attain with little or no money.  He had to learn to use many tools for making heavy duty things.  Some of the things He made from scratch that I personally remember were:
1. a go cart with engine made completely by hand.  Some parts like small wheels came off other things.  2. A bike rack for the back of my truck and the bike had a custom thing to let my dog hook onto so she could run along.  It had to be held out away from bike so she did not tangle and in a position so as to not pull my bike over.
3. He built me a custom art studio on beams so it could be moved with 220 hook ups for a kiln.  
4. He raised my first vintage camper high off the ground so it would not drag when we all went fishing in the forests.
5. He built many of our homes, one was a cabin in wilderness Alaska and the wood was all hand cut down, and it was well built!  
6. Steel Ships (though not for me) I am still amazed on how he did that on flat ground near the Dalles Oregon along the Columbia river with a crew of under 8 men.  No building, no large machines, just men, out in a open field.  More than just a couple of these big steel tenders that would work in the bering sea off Alaska.  

Improvise was the key.  Dad only had a high school education too.  But he kept learning and teaching himself.  


verb: improvise; 3rd person present: improvises; past tense: improvised; past participle: improvised; gerund or present participle: improvising
create and perform (music, drama, or verse) spontaneously or without preparation."the ability to improvise operatic arias in any given style"
 ad lib, speak impromptu; More informal 'speak off the cuff, speak off the top of one's head, wing it;
"she was improvising in front of the cameras"
impromptu, unrehearsed, unprepared, unscripted, extempore, spontaneous, unplanned; informal off-the-cuff, ad-libbed, spur-of-the-moment
"an improvised speech"
prepared, rehearsed
produce or make (something) from whatever is available."I improvised a costume for myself out of an old blue dress"

corgi ©salzano

I had to improvise today with my dog  I went walking to a near by park and though I had water I knew I could find something to let her drink. I could have opened a new doggie bag, found a dip in the ground or grass to pour water in it for her to drink but I found a clean plastic cup that was on a picnic table that I tore down small for her to drink from.  Making do with what you have and not relying on someone else to help you do everything.  

How can we improvise spiritually?  First remember the foundation of God's way through the ten commandments.  List them out.  Now apply these basic foundations to how you think, what you say, how you act .  Combine them to the two Jesus Spoke of, Love God with all your heart mind and love all people like you love yourself or your own family.  

Your tools are the word of God, your materials are every day circumstances. Esp those you do not anticipate.  Those are the ones we normally get tripped up on and re-act poorly.  
The law says give to others.  Maybe you do not have money to give, can you give time?  Can you make sure all the stuff you do not use is cleaned up and taken to spots that give to the poor or poorer than you are!  Hoarding things/stuff because you "might" use them one day and prob. have not used it for two years are candidates for giving away.  Instead of rotting or growing dust in your garage, closet etc someone could be using these.  Give them away.  
I see so much WASTE in the area I live.  Because most the people here have so much they are apparently not able to take time to give perfectly good furniture away and throw amazing things in the dumpsters!  ;-0  
I know whole cities that are so poor their salvation armies are filled with stuff from the poor and thus are really worn out.  Where as in the rich areas there salvation armies are filled with rich and wonderful useful items.  So if you can take your good items to places that will use them and need them.  
crows improvise constantly!  They are smart birds! ©salzano 

How about your thoughts? 
God gives us instruction to think on these:  Positive, lovely, good report etc.  So what do we do?  We go home and watch super hyped violence, raw movies with sexual context no one should watch and foul language.  Is this helping us have positive uplifting and good thoughts???  No.  
Even our music can influence your actions. Hard rolling , foul language with sexual abuse is not taking your thoughts in the right direction!  

These are just quick idea and the rest is up to each reader to apply in their lives.  Parents apply these to your home. Not like a army Sargent but as loving and caring parents with clear boundaries.  Improvise everywhere.  Leave the rest to God to fill in and help us overcome all things, being more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus Name, Amen!
near Marymoore Park, geese and ducks heading up stream ©salzano

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