Prepare your child for the world .......

New Kids park in Bellevue Wash. ©salzano

This is not your parents world. This world is going to teach your child if you do not.  Teaching means you are taking the time , effort and love to be with them and show them what is a right way to live and what will be a hurtful life.  
This is a dangerous time!!  The books that are written, the words to music, the tv shows, movies, games, magazines are full of ideas intent on swaying the minds of children.  It is teaching there is NO God, or they teach a god that is not of the Bible.  The world is teaching that anything is ok, no matter what you want to do even though that path may bring you to such hopeless feelings that suicide is the only answer the kids think of.  

I just watched this netflix show about a young women who was anorexic.  It shows how she got there.  A dad who married a few times( and never was there for her) , a mom who left and went into a gay relationship, a step mom who could not stop talking but meant well.  The dad never did show up at the help meetings for her.  Her therapist (the last one) said there were no answers to the broken family and life.  I thought how is that suppose to help??? And the young girl said that too.  This was her bottom moment when she thought there was no hope, no answers to why she could not make herself eat or want to live.  Of course in the end she comes to grips with life as a series of depression, failures, and that was normal.  Gag!  I wanted to scream that their IS a truth she had not heard!  The real truth God wants all to know.  

 Life is to be full, joyful, with eager awakenings each morning to find out what is new and exciting!!  To just breathe fresh air while driving a country road.  To ride a horse to the beach and then have a picnic with family or close friends. Life is going outside at 3:30 am to see the stars in all their shinning glory.  Life is a new born lamb, or puppy.  Dogs see each day with tongue hanging out and racing the yard for a squirrel to run after.  
 Life is not death, gloom and doom for eternity.  God created each child with a purpose and talents.  God wants each child to grow up with happiness and training to be a asset to society not a burden. Or to even feel like they are a burden.  Amazing potential in each and every child.  It is there.  We are precious and valuable to God Almighty and Jesus Christ.  Even the angels are anxiously awaiting our time to be actual born again children of God in the spiritual realm.  A new world is after this one. This is just the training time.  A time to learn of God and what is good. What is Godly love and giving love to others.  It is a time to know what is not working..... What is not working is mans way....

A twitter post was on today that spoke of a teen magazine.  A TEEN magazine that had a article about how to have sex in details that would have stopped my mothers heart.  I am not shocked but disgusted with how far we have come this past couple years.  I mean, how come it was not a article about how to choose the right person to fall in love with instead of some kinky and wrong way to have sex!! Or better yet, how to choose a career, how to choose the right food for long and heathy life!
But you know what?  This is what it is.  You and I can not stop immoral behavior or how the majority of the world wants to think now.  That line has been crossed but what You and your family can do is start thinking of what your child needs to understand now!!  I thought things were bad when I had to explain to my six yr olds about adults touching them in a wrong way.  This is far worse now and do not take it for granted that what you believe is automatically passed  on to your kids via osmosis 😳

This means not letting your young child run amok on the computer, pick out any magazine without your making sure it is ok.  Games , phones any thing that may be at risk of teaching wrong life lessons.  For teens though it is almost too late.  You should have already been talking to and teaching safe discernment already.  So that they can face these things in school or anywhere equipped with some knowledge of right and wrong.  
They need to already have self discipline, and be able to go against the pull of peer pressure.  They should already by the time they are in the teens know basic social skills.  Only the parent can really do this.  Do not expect school to teach anything but the knowledge of the world.  Character, spiritual training comes from a constant interacting with your child daily.  When you sit to eat, when you drive them here and there, when you watch movies (together hopefully) and when you just conversing.  They will learn mostly by what they see you do and how you behave.  Your comments are VITAL.  If you are a gossip and talk bad about  police or some person they will do the same.  Being respectful to your kids is not to be permissive in all things.  There is a huge difference.  And they need to be respectful to you as parent.  
art by ©salzano

Plus I am appalled at how many parents speak so negative to their own children.  Be positive and always with love. Do not talk down to your children but talk as one who loves them so much that you just want them to be successful and happy in life.  That you believe in them.  You believe they have purpose, talents, and are going to choose rightly.  It is not about controlling their every move.  It is about setting the right example and making sure for the short years you have with them that you can make a positive example in their foundation.  They have to decide on their own after about 17. 
Give them reasons why one way is going to produce this and this other way will produce this other result.
Summers for me growing up was filled with out door things. Like catching bugs, caring for the fam animals.  Doing chores in the garden with mom.  Today is so different and the key is time spent teaching by example and in word.  art by ©salzano

 Actually we as parents are only giving suggestions by then and praying they will choose right.. But if not, be ready to love them anyway and be ready to help them IF THEY ASK.  late teen and adults do not want nagging parents that think they know it all.  It is truth that we all learn by living and going the paths we choose.  Just make sure they are aware of the consequences now if possible.  Make sure they know of your love no matter what they do.  This does not mean you approve or that you believe it will produce for them happiness.  We should all respect others right to choose a path.  To choose a belief but with that we also acknowledge the fact we shall carry the burden of our actions and choices.  
One of the best ways I connected with my kids were camping trips and travel.  The time spent in the car or out alone with them was a good time to use life examples to teach.  I always spoke of God. God is real and so I naturally speak as if He is always with us.  I gave all the miracles to His glory.  I gave all the times that were hard or harsh to lessons we can learn and how to give this to God and He was always faithful to find a way for us through.  Living life with God and making sure my children knew God is what the difference is.  God is real. God does intervene in our lives and the purpose He has for us give us hope to overcome all things.  

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