Nothing New under the sun, Injustice reigns....

John Playing in Hawaii ©salzano
Was watching the food expert on a certain series where he travels around the world tasting and reporting on the local cuisine.  I have learned a lot about people and the average person by watching this series.  Today He was in Jamaica .. First he stayed in this castle like building on the north end of the Island where no one was there. ( suppose to be a Inn resort)  Then a very rich man brings his entourage with him and they have supper.  Our food expert asks this man some questions and I have to say the rich man came across as arrogant and rude.  But maybe that was just the clip we got to see.  

However my point is that at the end of the show the food guy was showing how the island is being bought up by those with money and the locals (the poor) were about to loose any beach rights.  All in the name of progress.  Huge resorts for only the rich who can afford it will dominate the best lands and ocean views and ocean beaches.  If you live on a island and can not get to the beach or sell your catch of fish and cooked meals how are they to survive? A model was there on the show to show all the best beaches were already planned out to be resorts.  It was assumed the locals were going be driving the rich around and being golf caddies but not be able to have their little huts on beaches to sell their fresh caught fish food.
 It was a case of injustice.  Again like all through history, we have the poor and middle man who work hard loosing out property, rights, etc because of pure economics.  The powerful and rich seem to always take what little the rest of the world has.  You have seen the statistics..  You know what it is.  Nothing is new under the sun.  
Not just this case for Jamaican's but every where you look..  The leaders of the world are crooks, thieves, and robbers instead of caring for and working for all the people who actually support their rich lifestyle.  If it was not the old kings and lords of the past it is the leaders, the representatives of the world today.   
The medical field, the fuel field, the tech field, the politics.  The big government and business has taken the fields even from small farmers who owned their little plots of land for generations are loosing out.  My family lost their lands over the years and hard as my dad tried it was a loosing battle to keep the farm/ranch his generations had earned.  well earned is not the best word.  God given land.  
©salzano-Cozumel Mexico

Yes it all gets back to God.  God has all the answers in the bible.  Everything you want to know why about or more about is there.  God set up things to provide for all people The earth was plenty big enough for every single family to own a piece of ground and build on it.  There were more than enough food and places but somehow it never was or if it was then soon it was taken away.  
Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea ©salzano

Why?  Because mankind never follows the rules that God gave mankind to follow in order to keep the blessings God gives.  You cannot have if you don't follow righteous behavior.  It is simple.  Right at the beginning God laid out the blessings if you follow right paths and the curses if we do not.  We reap what we sow.  And so it is today.  We are coming into the curses of how we have lived.  One does not have to be rich or poor to sin.  ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.  Meaning without God in your life you cannot lead a life of righteousness.  So we shall loose all our freedoms, we shall loose our homes and yes in time we are going to loose our right to this land.  Any land.  We are homeless and just do not know it.  We are helpless and are not aware.  For now it looks like the evil and hard hearted are winning.  But don't believe it.  GOD is returning to Earth and Christ is going to upset all mans evil intentions.  God is going to wipe out everything and renew it.  A time is coming when the poor man will have land of his own and good health, and joy again.  Under Christ's perfect rule we shall never be without.  No man will take what is not his.  No one will starve or be treated unfairly in God's kingdom.  And all tears will be wiped away.......................
Bermuda by ©salzano

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