Microchipping people......

one of our shelties yrs ago ©salzano 

Not that long ago microchipping our pets became popular.  Those of us with pets and had the money found we could get these implants easily under the skin at at the back of the neck. The chips would have a permanent record identifying our pet as OUR pets no matter where they might end up.  Due to possible getting lost, or getting stolen.  Katrina saw thousands of pets without knowing who they belonged too.  Some terrible mix ups and heartbreak.  So I understand the chip idea in this area.  

Later I heard that south America was chipping prisoners.  They said this would help them find them if they escaped and was a danger to others.  Again I can understand this reasoning a little.... 

And then the talk is for chipping the elderly in homes for those with memory problems.  They can get out a door and get lost.  Die from exposure and get hurt.  Chipping them too was going to help doctors know immediately what their medical records were so as to only give medications they can have and not have interactions of meds.  This sounds good in theory BUT...... 

The full idea of chipping people and given all the reasons of why it would help doctors, prison guards, nursing homes etc does not give you the full picture.  We live in a broken world.  History down through all time proves to us that man can not be trusted with too much control.  Given too much power and no leader has stayed in right character to act for the absolute good of those under him.  Never.  To allow ourselves to be chipped with todays technology is willingly giving up our freedoms.  We are already loosing freedom.  Camera's see us everywhere, and can recognize us by facial recognition.  Then we are bombarded with targeted merchandise to buy or some money scheme.   Of course the internet does that to me all the time too.  I go visit a site for my art designs and now every place I go to on the internet I get adds of my own stuff because the computer has tracked my visits& likes and thinks I will want to buy these things.  Where in fact I visit that site a lot because I sell on there.  Still it will also give me adds of other sites I visit and we know we have been and are being tracked.  Not to mention the times we have heard of our own tvs spying on us with reverse cameras!!  
artwork ©salzano

Now just imagine that in a few short years, a single powerful man rules the UN.  All nations are under this ruler man and one great world wide church also helps him rule.  All domestic good, all trade is under his authority.  Matter of fact everyone now has to have something in their hand or forehead that allows them to buy or sell.  Or NOT to buy and sell.  This allows this ruler to decide who buys and who sells.  This power is overwhelming that all peoples are under his control and the control of the governments.  Sounds ridiculous?  It is truth.  It is going to happen and it is happening little by little as people get used to the idea until we wakeup one morning and wonder how did we get here!!  It is the time before the great  tribulation and great suffering for all mankind.  This one ruler is mentioned in the Bible and esp in Revelation.  It is not a matter of IF it is WHEN.  These signs on the news world wide shows a huge race towards this in our near future.  Never before in all history has so many prophesied events started stacking up in line with the time ahead.  
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Our only safety is a correct and sincere relationship with God.  Only the soon coming Christ can rule with perfect love and intent for all mankind. There is no more time to fence sit or be undecided.  If you are undecided about following Jesus Christ you are on the wrong side already.  Only God will be our safe spot.  Live or die we are in His hands.  Pray always and study daily to not be deceived.  For surely the whole wide world is deceived!!  
God is watching and waiting to the last minute for all to come to Him that will.  Soon that door will be closed.  A time coming with even no ability to read the bible or know its awesome truths.  A famine of the word is worse than a famine of food to me.
God come quickly and save us........................

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