Keeping that Joy and smashing the bad attitude....

Lake Washington 6:00 am ©salzano

Let me share with you something we all have.  You know, that day where from the first thing after you get up till sunset things just seem to go wrong.  
After arising at 3am Friday, praying, feeding the dogs, and walking the dogs, I make a little breakfast and out the door by 4:30 to swim at 5am.  Drive all the way (apx 15 miles) to my swim center. Then I see that I have gone out without my swim bag. 
*Oh wait, I put a second swim suit in the car for cases like this. 
* Oh bum, I have only the suit and no towel and no shampoo to wash out the pool water from my hair or brush.  
*Ok, no problem!  I will go to the coffee place and wait a bit because I have a car apt in a little bit.  I get my stuff and wait, read a newspaper at the lake a bit....
healthy breakfast at 3:30am ©salzano

 Drive to car apt.  They are done with the inspection quickly and I check out and drive all the way home (about 25-30 miles).  Get home, and my purse is too light!!!  
*Oh no!  I left my wallet/Phone on the counter at the car place! 
* Ok, no problem.  I will drive back through the now heavy traffic and get it.  I know God will take care of my stuff as He always does for me.  
I get to the car place and go in to check.  They say, no I remember you had the wallet in your hand as you walked away after forgetting your key.  Oh yes, I remember almost forgetting the key but are you sure the wallet is not here?  Nope he says but maybe it fell in-between the seats or something?  Good idea I will check.  Back to the car and sure enough the wallet was down in-between the seats!!!  
Again drive through heavy traffic to home where I am now tired out from doing nothing. 
waiting at my fav coffee place! 5am ©salzano 

But wait there is more and it is not even 10am yet.
My husband who has been out of work for awhile now, says lets go eat.  We have a free meal for 10 bucks to use.  We will walk the dogs over there and get something.  We walk through the awesome trail along the river near our apts and the sun is shining but the way is mostly shaded and it is awesome out.  We get to the cafe and since I am holding two dogs, I tell my loving husband what I would want.  A iced chai with only half the chai.  And maybe a sandwich or something healthy for me. I can not have sugar or processed foods.  He comes back with a big hot chai, not small iced and a cinnamon roll w/o gluten.  ;-0!

*Ok, its getting hot but I refuse to let my joy melt. 
 We have our little meal, and walk back home as we see the ducks, the birds and pretty scenery.  
Test passed this time.  My joy was not destroyed.

But this does not happen often.  Actually I am old enough that when things go bad early I cancel anything important later if I can because It is def. a day to spend at home in God's word!  

The biggest destroyer to our joy is unmet expectations.  I had expected to do certain things but this time I was able to counter each one with the mind set -that this would not take my joy.  I Made my mind look at the bright thing each time and told myself it is no big deal.  It is small potatoes in the broad scheme of life.  The world is never going to be a perfect journey and we should not think it is suppose to be.  Every day is going to be a testing ground of where your priority is . Is it on God and what He wants you to act like or on what YOU want to accomplish.  Now it is important to set goals and do them.  Like me going to exercise first, then get the car apt done and back home to work on my art designing.  But if things beyond our control happen just go with it.  It is not the end of the world and tomorrow is a new day.  GOD wants you to keep your joy and to adjust to each circumstance, praying constantly and trusting Him with each thing that comes up.  This way we are learning to lean on Him and not on our self efforts.  We cannot change some things and we make mistakes.  So what!  Everyone does!!  
Besides I have learned these past many years of walking with God that if we give these things to God HE works them out for us. Just He says, "ALL things work for Good to those who are His"  meaning when we put Him first and learn of Him and Trust In Him, then even the seemly bad things will work out just fine.  But how often do we trust or do we try to handle it our selves and get frustrated and angry and anxious???

Enjoy your day!  You are breathing and alive.  You have much to be thankful for no matter what.   There is always something to be thankful for........  

this looks like a good place to rest and reflect....©salzano

PS........later that afternoon

 Yes, I lost a diamond from my wedding band.  ;-0.   Just another one of those days!!  We will be just fine and have so much to be thankful for the little things just don't compare!!!

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