Angels - Booklet review

There are many views of what Angels are in the world today.  It is highly likely you have a distorted idea of them because even the major religious community is wrong!!!  It is so interesting and so amazing to learn from scripture the TRUTH!  This booklet is one I have recently read that follows what the angels are and what they look like.......

Free booklet from UCG
small quote from book, "The word seraphim has been left untranslated here. It literally means "burning Ones".  Yet the word seraph is translated elsewhere in Scriptures as "fiery serpent" and with another word later in the book of Isaiah "fiery flying serpent" (14:29, 30:6, compare numbers 21:6,8:Deuteronomy 8:15)
Do a internet search and tons of images come up of beautiful women with dainty wings or tiny babies with wings are what average people attribute to angels. Or they believe people who have died are angelic beings now, or are strong muscled men with wings that fail to stay righteous and come to lust after human females.  NONE of these are correct and are the fantasy of man.

Different Kinds of...
Seraphim or burning ones, six wings
Cherubim, four wings...
Plus remember in this book you will read in your own bible that they are spirit beings, this means they are NOT BOUND by physical laws.  Think about that.  I call that shape shifters when you study and see that some are able to appear as animals and mankind.

This booklet has all that I have studies over the years and some new very interesting ideas of what may be.  Most of all it uses scripture for what we DO know.  Base your beliefs on truth not mans imaginations!  These truths open the door for more views of our own future in God's plans for man kind.  Oder your today at the above link or read it online!  It is amazing!!

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