Who are the Lost?

all the flowers of the fields are here for us to enjoy as a gift from God ©salzano

I have just returned to my home after getting up at 3:30 am to walk my dogs, eat breakfast and drive to exercise (swimming).  I love the early mornings but need God's help getting out of bed some times when I am very tired.  Seems a lot of people wanted to party around my place late last night.  LOL! Not so funny at 10-12 pm last night.    But after two years now of getting up early I see the benefits of this every single time I do it.  What a blessing.  The quiet, the peace, as I walk the dogs out side. Not a creature is stirring except song birds , bunnies and squirrels.  Actually I don't see the squirrels either!
oregon coast ©salzano

My point is that God expects us to do whatever is necessary to learn and grow in the grace and knowledge of His ways.  Extra effort is required!  To that point I want to suggest another article from HWArmstrong, who answers the question in my title today.  

Here is a quote:

It is only the one who QUITS and GIVES UP — who REJECTS God, and God's WAY, and rejects Christ as his Savior — who neglects or turns FROM this direction of GOD'S WAY, in His mind and heart (in his inner INTENT) who deliberately and intentionally in his mind — or, from continued neglect — TURNS FROM Christ, — who is lost.

look up the scriptures and prove all things to yourself.

Oh how great for brethren to dwell together in unity of friendship! 

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