What is happening?

The Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge, formerly the Coos Bay Bridge (Coos languageDanisich[2]), is a cantilever bridge that spans Coos Bay on U.S. Route 101 near North Bend, Oregon. It is one of a series of eleven major bridges on the Oregon Coast Highway that were designed under the supervision of Conde B. McCullough, replacing ferries that had formerly crossed the bay. The bridge is outstanding for its attention to form and detail, and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in recognition of its design and cultural and economic importance. Picture ©salzano article by Wikipedia 

The news lately is what?  Maybe it is just me but it seems like it is Trump 90 percent of the time and coverage of national, world and local 10 percent.  I am a news watcher.  I love to read the news in paper form but these days the sites like twitter and other media seem to provide some breaking news first.  However since the election I am frustrated at seeing a whole lot of NON news from major news outlets. Spout nothing important while in our world dire things are happing!  
In my entire life of over 65 years I have never seen adults on News casts act like immature children as of late.  NEWS not opinion is what I expect from news reports.  Be nice to see more GOOD news too, and Local news with the world news that is not biased.  I will say NHK from Japan sure does a great job!!  They report News not their opinions!  

Today I learned on the video below, that our number one killer in the USA right now is Drug overdose!  What?  This is catastrophic!  The complete breakdown of the family for the last 50 years has now brought to the result foremost in news.  Our killings, our diet, our lack of morals, and number one we have left God and therefore God is now lifting His providence and protection.  This is the REAL reason for global weather going amuck.  GOD runs the weather or lets it go.  If He was to totally let it go we would perish of all life.  Little does mankind know that we are only here and have anything because of God.  

One of the things my family and I watch weekly is Jason A.  He has a compilation of news he finds around the world and condenses it for a weekly broadcast.  It is astounding and you cannot watch it and think things on earth are normal or as they have always been.  

Old steel boat, rusting away as it goes out to a port in Charleston, Oregon . Sadly it was never rebuilt and all funding lost to fix her back up. Kinda like the USA, rust(unbelief) eating away at the very foundation of its faith and purpose.   

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