"we dont want this man to rule over us"

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A story from the Bible :

Luke 19:12-15 So he said, "A prince went to a distant country to be appointed king and then to return.
 He called ten of his servants and gave them ten coins. He told them, 'Invest this money until I come back.'
 But the citizens of his country hated him and sent a delegation to follow him and to announce,
'We don't want this man to rule over us!'
 "After he was appointed king, the prince came back. He ordered the servants to whom he had given the money to be called so he could find out what they had earned by investing.

Now the rest of the story is the famous parable of the pounds,  Or the story of the talents,  Which is really a analogy of Christ who came to qualify to Rule over this planet in place of Satan who rules now over the earth. In the story It tells of giving his assistants (followers) money (talents) to invest until He returned.  All of them but one used wisely the money (talents) but one.  But I wanted to discuss the reaction not of his followers or assistants but the other people around at the time.  (in bold type above) Note He talks to them as His people because He has qualified to rule over them.

Here we have a coming King who in front of the people of the day clearly saw Him qualify to reign as a righteous king over all the land in place of the other ruler.  But the people rebelled and cried out they would not have him rule over them!  Which does no good because they can not change the fact that He is their new King and this New King does come back and what does He do to the rebellious ones who saw Him qualify and yet rebelled against His rule?  In my Living Bible it says, "verse 14 But some of his people hated him and sent him their declaration of INDEPENDENCE , stating that they had rebelled and would not acknowledge him as their king.  In your own bible read verse 27 says what this King does to the rebellious ones, " And now about these enemies of mine who revolted- bring them in and execute them before me."

Harsh reality is that  Jesus Christ is perfect, righteous and has more love for His creation than any other and most certainly is a perfect new King over satan who is the master of deceit, death, suffering, war, and every evil.  In God's perfect love we can choose who to serve but there is a consequence and that is death. Final permanent death.  No more life, nothing but eternal separation from life to death. 
And as for the statement of the people living who say, "we do not want this man ruling over us"?  "that man" is not a man at all but the Living God!  Not a man like we are, that is why they said that , because they still saw Him as a flesh and blood man, not the King He is. 

Choose life though, and reap Joy unspeakable, full living, singing, riches unknown to our human mind.  This new life with God is awesome now but after Christ returns there are no real words to describe it fully.  The people through all time who have known the story of Christ , Let me repeat this, THOSE who KNOW the story not those who who do not understand or know the story, those who KNOW what Christ did, how He came and died for us and all His Love will be held accountable.  IF these people whoever they are rebel and demand their freedom of His "religion" on them they will be called His Enemy!  Do not be a part of these rebellious ones!  For God loves all His potential children and has waited long for them to accept His love but none will be forced too.  We choose, what will you choose?
Smile today and Believe for God is for us and not against us if we are His..©salzano 

Florence, Oregon ©salzano

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