The Incredible revelation of light and darkness...

Bandon Lighthouse ©salzano

It is so important to know what Gods creation is telling us every day.  The earth and all that is in it was created for man by God. God created man. God has lots to tell us.  Most are not listening right now.  Many do not want to see or hear.  But for the few who do,  your God is teaching you every day in every way.  I have talked about this before but God repeats to us many times what we need to learn so I repeat what He teaches me.  God teaches in very simple means.  No one has to have a degree in some mans college of theology to know God.  God will teach all who want to hear and He hears all who cry in need.  IF they are willing to change and follow Him.  

The analogy of light and dark.  

God created light.  
The sun and moon give light. Light for the day and the moon and stars at night. 
Light reveals!
During the light of day people get up and live. Work, play.  Do things.  See things.  Hear things. 
Sunshine gives light to the plants to grow.   Christ is our Light!  He is the shinning light of spiritual truth and all that is Holy, righteous, good, perfect, Joy, Happiness, giving us Meaning to life! He is the way through darkness, He is the source!!  Like a spiritual lighthouse to all who are out to sea in darkness, tossed about on stormy seas.  He will bring you though the perils to a safe harbor! Oh Yes!!  
White is also not a color.  Pure White is without spot or blemish.  In the heat of a desert what color most reflects heat rays?  White!  Wear black then try white.  A huge difference.  White reflects the light. Just as God's own children will reflect Him!  
Rend Collective song, My Lighthouse on Utube.  Great uplifting song for today!  If link not working here:  

There is also Darkness. 
Darkness conceals! 
When do most crimes happen?  At night!  When it is dark.  Where white reflects light, Darkness absorbs it! Like consuming any good, joy or happiness.  Doom and gloom absorbs your light.  
There is a time to sleep from a days work.  Dark is time to rest from daily work. God gave us a time to rest at dark when things are dark. When you sleep you don't hear or see anything.  Not if you are deeply asleep.  Like being dead .
The darkness is also a time of death.  When this body dies.  The body then decays and turns back to dust.  
Darkness is also a sign of this age where mankind lives basically without God.  Mankind chose its own way to live.  Adam and Eve chose to do things their way.  And the evil fallen angel called lucifer (now Satan) is a sign of darkness too.  Darkness is pain, suffering, depression, trials, sorrow and death.  
The lack of all color is black.  Black and  white are not colors.  Keep in mind God could have made it so we did not sleep.  Why did he make it so?  He could have made the moon blue but He did not.  

Just as the sun light refreshes and helps plants grow so the Light of Jesus Christ is helping us grow and be renewed every day! ©salzano

The Light is not only Jesus Christ, the truth of God but is showing a time coming when the light shall shine always.  God says HE WILL BE OUR LIGHT!  The darkness the world now. Showing our time of living like the walking dead if we do not have Christ in our life.  Growing more dark as all hell is breaking loose.  God is allowing this because of the rebellion and sins of mankind.  We are in need of a big change but correction must come first.  And remember judgement begins with His own house, those who call themselves christian!  God knows all things.  Every thing is out of love for us so that we do not stay in darkness.  If you never knew the light you would not know that things were not as it seems.  Say you lived in a cell in darkness from the time you were born.  If you never saw light reveal your walls you would not know any difference.  But once revealed you cannot deny its power!!  Only the light can reveal truth.  Time is so short!  God is here and watching.  waiting. where are you?  
In closing today, I urge my brothers and sisters in Christ to make time to walk and reflect on God's truths.  See His nature all around and also note the darkness.  A artist knows without light and dark a painting has no depth.  God has used the darkness to increase the impact of the light.  As we grow very dark in the months and years ahead remember the light is coming and nothing will stop it.  It will grow darker before the dawn but it is coming!  We shall be more than conquerors!  Through Christ our Lord!

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