Swimming and Spiritual analogy

Baptism is the complete emersion into water. A sign of our physical death to sin and a new life to God's Ways. A choice, a commitment.  photo ©salzano
After I made the decision to turn around my health, (it was do it or possibly die) I wanted to walk for exercise because #1 it has no costs, #2 that was what I was used to. But since I could hardly walk anymore and I knew I needed to move my joints so I chose swimming.  

I joined the YMCA which has a great payment plan for seniors.  I had not swam since my youth but I made a commitment to God and my self to work at what ever it took.  

I started lap swimming and drove 15 miles one way every day of the week but weekends.  I got up way early in the dark and went. At first I was weak and shaking after but soon it was and still is my one thing I love doing.  When I get into that water, my problems just melt away.  After swimming I have this surge of energy that last most the day! 

My first hurdle was undressing or being naked in front of others..  The YMCA there did not have private showers.  I could use a dressing room for getting clothes off and on which I did but showering was open stall.  Being the Introvert  I am, this was not easy.  But I got there as early as I could at first.  I thought, if the women in WW11 had to stand naked with hundreds of other women in concentration camps, I could do it to get my health better.  We all look different and lumpy and bumpy and flaws here and there.  In the long run who cares.  If some look and think negative it was not my concern. I was to be pleasant and do my job.  Swim!
Later when I moved to a new area, I joined a club that has private showers! Thank you God! 
yummy food made for me by daughter in law ©salzano

I do a slow side stroke of my own making.  Once in the water I go slowly back and forth.  My thoughts stay on praising God or thinking of topics God would like me to address.  I keep my focus on God and not my health or my circumstances.  Every joint in my knees, my back and legs and arms get exercise.  My mind gets a therapy of soothing waters flowing over me.  I do not rush, I take my time.  The last 5 minutes in the pool I float on my back and stretch my arms up over my head as far as I can.  I can feel my spine stretch out and pop back in place.  I do arm exercises by keeping them under the water and moving back and forward as fast as I can while treading water.  Soon my 30 minutes is up and out I go.  I average 25 to 30 continuous swimming four days a week now to keep my weight and my muscles in shape. Along with a big change in eating.  Organic as much as we can afford and half of what I used to eat.  NO white sugar, white processed flour and no processed pkg food.  As natural as possible and today I walk and do things I had not done in the past 8 years.  

This reminds me of my spiritual exercise that is even more needed every day.  
The water of God's word is as soothing as that water flowing over me in the pool.  God's word can invigorate me and inspire me just as my physical body is energized after swimming.  Singing praise of Gods word, reading the bible or studying sermons of Gods leaders are the spiritual exercise we have to have every day.      The word of God will take away bad attitudes just like swimming takes away the dragging feeling I used to feel every day.  Like your packing around  40 pounds of dog food and every bite of food makes you sick.  The word of God takes away the pressure of the bombardment of bad news you have no control over because God is in control and He knows us.  He loves us. HE is the one we can put our lives in and trust Him.  
Fresh organic foods is what your body was designed to use for fuel.  Not imitation stuff.  ©salzano

God's word eliminates the sin in our lives (if we follow His ways) and bad food is like sin to the physical body.  Until we know what sin is we can not change.  Knowledge is by learning God's words and ways.  Until we know what food is good for us and what is really bad for us we cannot get our health back.  We trusted our governments to make sure our food supply was perfectly ok for us and we used to trust society would treat us well and we did what the majority does.  NOW we have God's word to teach us and show us what is the truth.  We get to choose.  One is life and all that is good and the other is everything that leads to being in bad health , sickness, sadness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness etc.  

The physical is only a symptom of our spiritual life and vice versa.  

Come out of this world!  Do not partake of its delicacies but be you Holy and pure as God has called you to be.  You can not keep one foot in the world and one in Gods ways.  It is all or nothing.  When the time comes upon us and no man knows that hour, you will be glad you chose to do whatever it took to be healthy in Gods' ways then not.  Healthy is a choice.  Answering the call of God and choosing Him every day is a choice too.  Pray about your choices.  
Drying Hydrangea blooms for winter flower decor ©salzanos 

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