Starting over.............

Sometimes we just have to throw out the old and start all over...
helping my daughter redo her outdoor pots! ©salzano

I am a poor gardener.  I love a few indoor plants and when I used to live in a regular house with yard I 'd stick with easy perennials to grow so it always looked nice.  I had a gorgeous magnolia tree, flowering camilla bushes, berries and lawns.  In doors a few succulents.  Why succulents?  Because I seem to forget to water or water too much and kill most other plants.  Which is what happened to day. I found a my cute hanging glass terrarium with a tiny fishing guy all dried up.  Poor little fishing guy no longer had a pool to fish from and moss and leaves around him.  His world was destroyed due to neglect by the mighty human being who was suppose to be caring for his world. 


And so it is with us.  We live in a broken world. Filled with broken people.  Hurting people will become angry bitter people, or depressed and unable to do even the littlest tasks well.  Broken people are not in the healthy mind God intended for them. Some of the hurting people can be healed but others will have to wait till God returns and heals them.  Some will refuse to be healed.  
Till then this world is on the brink of destroying itself.  Like my little glass world for the fisherman, this world would kill all the plants and human life with bombs, poisons, and weapons if allowed too.  
It is time for Almighty God to step in soon and start over by sending Christ to rule this earth instead of man lead by Satan.  All new things will be brought in to replace the dead and destroyed fields, houses, water, and land.  People will be healed, giving a new home, new purpose and taught how to live a life of joy and kindness to each other.  No more greed, neglect, deceit, power hungry leaders.  No more pain and suffering at the hands of the rich and powerful.  Jesus Christ is going to rule with perfect righteousness and in perfect love to all.  But we had to do it our way first.  We had and have to see what our way begets.  It is the way to learn what works and what does not .  By living it.  
Fisher guy needs a temporary home in one of my pots! ;-) ©salzano

So I have dumped out all the dirt and dried up plants.  I found two mealy bugs in there!  Little rascals that feed on deterioration! (like demons) They shall be killed and dumped with the remains.  But the little fisherman shall be cleaned off, his glass world washed and cleaned and restored to a even better environment than before.  Just like what God will do for us one day.  Only in real life! Not a glass world that is not real.  For now we can take each day and rejoice in His promises and that even today He is here to help us deal with each problem that arrises as it arrises.  He will feed us, give us shelter, and take care of tomorrow. Trust Him. He is trustworthy!  Unlike the human leaders we have today. ... 
I helped my daughter go get new plants (top photo of article) and we redid her pots on front decks.  So refreshing to see the new clean pots with plants that will grow and give us joy all summer!  

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