Make up Your Mind NOT to prepare your defense....


We all want to plan our defense.  We think about how we shall answer the rude person, the guy at work that is always on our back, or the sarcastic come back to possible comments.  
This is not Gods way to handle things.  But in one case it is even more important and I want to say even more important for our days ahead.  

Luk 21:12-19  "But before all these things take place, people will arrest you and persecute you. They will hand you over to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name's sake.
It will give you an opportunity to testify.
So purpose in your hearts not to prepare your defense ahead of time,
because I will give you the ability to speak, along with wisdom, that none of your opponents will be able to resist or refute.
You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends, and they will put some of you to death.
You will be hated continuously by everyone because of my name.
And yet not a hair on your head will be lost.
By your endurance you will protect your lives."

God had been answering the apostles question about the signs of the future.  The time right before He returns as well as what was going to happen to the apostle after Jesus death.  As is common to the Bible, duality is in prophecy.  What was, many times happens again.  And the worst will be right before Christ's return.  

The point I want to make, is we need to be mentally preparing our minds for the following;
That many of us will be taken into courts.  Arrested.  We are not to plan our answers now.  GOD is going to use you to speak what He wants when it it is time.  Relax on what you will say for it will be God who speaks through those He choses to be there.  But you are told by Christ to get your mind wrapped around this NOW.  That means taking time to ponder that this will very well happen.  Hold this in your mind that you are not going to respond with your words but will surrender the answers to God.  Two things.
1. You may for sure be arrested and held. 
2. NOT to spout off your own views, knowledge of the word but will just wait for God to speak through you  
Prepare now by keeping this in your prayers and thinking about it- will prepare you for later.  You will not be surprised by it happening and be ready.  

Also for everyone else NOT being arrested sometime in the future, we must also prepare our minds!  We MUST pray and ponder daily that we may have to leave our homes, our belongings.  If we are true believers who refuse to change our beliefs in Gods truths and stand at the House of the Lamb we must think and know that this will most likely happen.  If we think now about what would I take if I had time for one bag and had to leave what will you take?  Be ready for that,  Do not be like Lots wife who (longingly , my assumption ) looked back toward sodom.  She was not wanting to leave her home and stuff.  She was turned into dust.  We must leave if God so leads us.  Be ready  to give up everything for God.  Or you shall fall prey to what everyone who refuses God will have to go through.  I in no way mean that all true believers will be safely lead away .  No the word of God says that some are destined to be arrested, some to be martyred and some will be saved from any harm.  To each according to What God has ordained.  According to His perfect purpose.  To Him who is given much, Much is required.  
What I am saying is all of us need to be mentally prepared now!  It is just logical that we may see soon, the collapse of the economy here, we may not  be able to afford gas, food and shelter and we shall need to depend on GOD for everything.  We should be understanding that now even with your full time work and the home you have now it is not a guarantee  that we shall have them tomorrow.  
The judgements will begin at the HOUSE OF THE LORD.  That sounds like the chosen ones first to me.  The tests and trials we shall go through are necessary for the building of our faith and to prepare us for the coming of Jesus Christ .  Do not be amazed at the fury of things to happen!!  Look at what the prophets and apostles went through!  We are not exempt.  

Christ Said to the apostles that not a hair on their head would be lost. They did die, but not one was lost.  God shall resurrect them in due time.  

It is all about priorities.  Even if God does not return in 15-30 years you should be ready mentally now!  Complacency is disastrous.  
©Salzano  Portland Oregon 

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