In depth information on who and what angels really are....

peaceful valley in Eastern Washington  ©salzano

Angels are part of God's Government.
This  post in word or to listen to is all about angels.  It is very interesting and will give you scripture to back up what he is saying.  Here is the link:

Although broadcast in back when HWArmstrong was alive it is a treasure that we still can access the knowledge of his life long work.  

I personally love to think about how we shall get to meet all the angels that have been in charge of watching over us someday.  They know us, and have faithfully carried out God's instructions throughout time.  The faithful ones are part of the Kingdom of God now and the one to come. 
They are not little winged cherubs or lovely girls floating in the clouds or are they loved ones that died. Based on God's word you can know them better......

After your study sing along today with "how Great Thou Art" with lauren Daigle.  Singing will lift your heart and soul and give you strength to overcome whatever you may be facing today.  God Bless and may your life bless those around you.  

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