Are loved ones eternally lost if not saved today? ... No!

This young boy grew up, went to war and died.  He never accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.  Is he lost forever? ©salzano

Quote from Article: Predestination does the Bible teach it?

Is your ultimate fate decided for you in advance? No subject has baffled, perplexed, and worried people more. Here, for the first time, many will read the astonishing truth, so plain all can understand.

The very fact of wartime casualties and accidental deaths has caused a great deal of added sorrow and grief that is entirely unnecessary — if we understand! Many have grieved in the belief that loved ones died eternally "lost" — when, if they understood the truth, these probably were not lost at all.

The above quote is a timely and super revealing truth that very few people study and understand.  It is only meant to be revealed in this generation, in my opinion.  The link to this article written in 1973 from a true modern day apostle, H. A. Armstrong.  I highly recommend one studies it before assuming you know the answer.  Prove to yourself by looking up the scripture and reading with your own eyes the truth!
active link................... Predestination does the Bible teach it?

this above photo is my grandfather and my dad back when we homesteaded in remote area of Alaska. Both are dead now.  My grandfather was a true believer.  My dad was not.  I now know that my dad will be resurrected after the 1000 years.  This is after Christ returns and sets up the Kingdom of God on Earth.  He is not forever lost as most religions try to teach. 
This resurrection will bring forth my dad who will be returned to human form and given the truth of God.  He then can live out a normal flesh life know who God is and if he continues in this life of worshipping and growing will also be a born again spirit child of God in time.  I will be there to encourage him in this life but I shall be reborn of spirit matter and one of God's spirit children by then, who will be helping the people who are in human form grow and overcome.  What a great plan God has for mankind IF they will be putting their trust and belief in God and not man.  

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