Treating the symptoms instead of the cause..........

Redmond Wash. ©Salzano

Treating the symptoms instead of the cause...
One of many statues seen on tours throughout Europe ©j.salzano

If I have a dead battery in the car and the auto maintenance shop gives it a good wash and details the inside I still have a dead battery.  Obvious right?  But that is what humanity is doing in every industry and in our personal lives daily. 

example 1:  I have three broken teeth.  I do not have full time insurance so my time to get the teeth done are spotty at best.  I have tried three times to get them fixed but each time I finally get a apt I have to get the teeth cleaned first then x-rays then apply for appointment for rest.  Three times I get the teeth cleaned -the x-rays and then am too late to get the teeth fixed. Whole year shot. Once it was because the dentist decided a tooth needed to be refilled before the broken teeth were fixed.  It was dug out too deep and that tooth then broke, thus for that year I got no closer to fixing my broken teeth. This delay happened two other times and each time I get the teeth cleaned but not the teeth that are broken fixed. Three years later I am no closer. 
If I had the ability to choose my own dentist and just pay on time I could do it. But if we have to pay some insurance premium I have no money to pay a dentist on my own. Like I said they wash the car but the battery is still dead.
Statues of seals along the Oregon Coast. ©salzano

Example 2:  I read on the news that in a city somewhere back east that statues of national history are being taken down to prevent people from killing and hating others. Sound ridiculous?It is if you look at it for what it is. Treating a symptom (hate, murder, mayhem) by removing a few statues that at one time stood for a part of the USA that held values not accepted today but are a part of our history .  These statues stand as a reminder of a great civil war that split the USA down the middle.  One side had to overcome or the whole nation would have collapsed.  The problem is not in the statues, the problem is in the moral character of people. 
Apparently a person went into a church and killed some of the precious lives there. So on this basis someone else is going to remove any signs of that civil war in order to stop other hate crimes. 
This is not the problem it is a symptom of a greater problem!!
grave of early immigrants that came to Oregon Coast years ago. ©salzano

When humanity grows up with the idea that it is ok to kill others, bully others, treat people inhumanly, these are not caused by statues or flags, or a certain religion it is caused because the people doing these things have no moral laws to follow so they make up their own.  They kill, steal, hurt, destroy with no consciousness of right and wrong.  It is right in their deceived minds.  Unless we have a solid set of rules we destroy ourselves, our freedoms, our life.  GOD SET US RULES.  these "laws" are laws of love toward God first and then to our fellow human beings and life on earth. They are simple and solid rules that WORK.  
We USED to be able to have the Ten commandments on the walls in schools and office building. We used to be able to pray and teach our kids in school about God and How His ways are best for all.  But we don't allow this any more. We used to keep God as a basis for good and helping others.  There is a time now where man decides for himself so we get reap the results of free will and life without God in this nation now.  There is less and less of the Godly moral character traits taught.  So when bad things happens we find something else to blame. Certainly not our own actions!  If we just do away with the statues and flags people will act better and more love for others.  NOT! 

The bible is filled with stories of the past. Humanities past. Past mistakes, hate, war, torture, and past triumphs, accomplishments, wisdom and acts of great love. It basically shows us what happens when we follow God's Law of Love and what happens when we don't. Simple. A prophet asked God when will mankind learn?  God said, not until every city, every building is destroyed. Then they will understand mans way does not work.  
Thank God He has a plan to save us!  Christ is returning and will set up a new Kingdom ruled by God and Not by man (and not by Satan  and his evil ways) 

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