The vital need for people to have a purpose....

One thing I have noticed in this human life. 
"That unless we have a purpose each day, we become useless"
Musician playing and selling art works at farmers market ©salzano

My thoughts go back to numerous people in my life at the time when they get very old.  My grandmother was a hearty worker through her life.  She lived through the great depression.  Being dirt poor most of it.  I remember her after she retired and was living in a single wide mobil trailer on her eldest sons property.  My family would visit the relatives now and then and every time I went there she was very happy.  She had a garden bigger than  then the trailer.  Would bake my sister and I cookies to take home and always urged me to color nicely.  She would give me color books to finish and if I returned them to her I received her praise and a hug along with a bag of cookies.  I knew she loved us all. 
Later She was moved into a nursing home.  There I visited her.  I was grown by then and and had children of my own.  She was not happy there.  She had no garden. She could not have her pets. She was not able to get out and soon died because she just plain gave up.  She had no purpose.  You see, her purpose in the trailer was to be there for the grandkids, to talk each night and morning to her eldest boy and his wife.  She was seen and visited often by grandkids and her purpose was to cook for them and give them cookies. To inspire them and be a ray of sunshine.  But in the nursing home she lost her purpose. 

A purpose can be anything.  The pet you have is one purpose to get up each day at the same time and care for it.  Having a lawn to mow is a purpose. A garden to tend is a purpose.  Why do you think people in cities will grow tiny plants on the tiny decks if they have them?  It is a purpose to grow something. To water it and to feed it and maybe get flowers or food for yourself.  It is satisfying to have a purpose.  
Work of course is a purpose. It brings you money to buy the things you need.  It is a reason to get up and live.  But I find work at just any job is a poor purpose.  It does not always fill the needs that true purpose fills.  

To feel needed. To feel wanted.  To make a difference in some ones life and in your own. To feel useful.  

According to Time Magazine the biggest question most asked is "what is the purpose of Human life"?  Quote from a excellent article from UCG booklet you can read here:
Yet the answer has been available for centuries. God’s Word plainly tells us that man’s destiny is to become the children of God, divine members of His immortal spirit family. This truth goes to the very heart of the true gospel of the Kingdom of God.
 free booklets at UCG link above 

Here are a couple quotes on Purpose:
“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” 

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

It is vital that you know and find your purpose every single day.  With a Godly purpose of teaching yourself His ways, teaching God's ways to your children, being a light to others and inspiration, is the foundation to sound mind.  You can destroy depression, anxiety, fearfulness by knowing and living your purpose.  Use the talents God gave you as the jumping off point.  Are you excellent at growing a garden?  Then grow one even if it is in pots on a tiny deck.  Share the plants with others. Take cuttings to neighbors, Teach others how to grow them.  Share the fruit of your plants.  Are you a artist?  Create things for the enjoyment of others.  Make your art glorify God by being pretty, unifying , uplifting, brings joy and happiness.  Share your art. 

 No matter what you can do , do it for  and in the name of God.  Who has a purpose too!  HIS purpose is to raise up and teach humanity how to be a part of His own family!!  You were created to have a purpose and create good.  
growing things can be one purpose ©salzano

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