The coming solstice mayhem.......

oregon coast ©salzano
 Last year and this year the solar eclipse have and will be near the annual Holy Days God gave Israel and His children. 
 This year it makes a path right across Oregon in areas my family have lived for many years.  From coast to east Oregon.     Date it appears Oct 21 2017 .   These places were home to many of my family.  But it also is a marked hoedown party for many who still worship and party up in the pagan days of long ago for any solstice.  Here is a link to the path of this falls solar eclipse that will be seen best from this path and my families homes of the past ....

Madras A very small town is wondering if a million people might not show up.  The local area is already warning the people of central Oregon to have enough gas, groceries, before this comes.  As the area is going to be flooded with too many people for them to handle. They do not have enough police, fireman, etc to handle a flood of people like may happen.  They are already booked for hotel rooms and camp grounds spots.  This could be a big problem.  Mobs of drunk people or on drugs and you get a pot of anger, violence, and mayhem.  That link above takes you to the information but it has a link to a group advertising the SOLOR FEST.  Which is just my point.  All the ingredients for major problems and people hurt.  

We live in a time to stay away from these type of things for safety sake.  Plus it is not of God to worship the sun, moon and stars, but instead worship the Creator of all things!  God is the one to worship and in peace not wild parties that get out of hand.  When we destroy property, leave tons of broken bottles trash and waste on other lands we are not being responsible humans.  When we fight and filled with rage from too much alcohol  or drugs we hurt others and ourselves. Non of which is helpful to anyone not even ourselves. It is useless except to satan who can then more easily sway the mind to do what people should not.  
PS update:
my sis just emailed me some online groups that are worshiping satan at this fall eclipse.  This is another reason to stay far away from the area!  God sees and knows what people are doing and this is a huge warning to be as far as you can from it!  Keep safe and stay close to God.  If you value your life and those of your family have nothing to do with this life style. It can bring nothing but sorrow because satan is humanities enemy not your god.  

Instead if you can see it and stand in awesome wonder of the love of God who would give us His promises and His love, then it will be interesting to see.  I plan on seeing it through the camera of someone else on tv.  Not for me to be out there among the  mobs of people who these days have no control of themselves.  It is a wild pack of danger where ever crowds meet these days! 
Florence Oregon ©salzano

It is a unusual occurrence and one that is interesting in that this is marking God's Perfect Timing.  It is a count down to the end of Mans rule over the earth and the ushering in Of the Coming Kingdom of God!  God is going to rule the earth because that is what Christ came to earth the first time for. To qualify as the only one who would not sin even as a human man to claim being the only perfect being to rule in 100 percent righteousness!

Link to United Church of God which put out this calendar for us to use.
Washington State ©salzano
The rainbow is from God. It denotes His promise to His children. Those promises are in the bible for us to remember and stand on.  

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