Spiritual Warfare


Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Do not be deceived!  We are not in a war against other humans, laws, ways of the world . Though it does seem that way- you as a true believer must know who is the enemy!  It is not another race of people, or government, your boss, or your neighbor. It is not a president, or court, it is not the other driver or your mate.  As the verse above says, we wrestle NOT against any thing physical, Humans, the world laws, etc.  
What we are at war against is the  the spiritual realm of Darkness!  A spiritual darkness is talking about Satan and the demonic world that is set against us. These are real and though not seen with the naked eye are real.  Satan is the prince of darkness and deceit. Lies, and warped thinking.  He has power over the thoughts of man.  To inject his attitude and ways.  Like a radio wave is unseen but heard.  You do NOT have to accept thoughts that are from him.  You can war against them! But you have to know it exists and you have to have God's help.   
If you study scripture then you should notice that the people of the bible knew evil spirits existed.  Look at all the examples in the new testament.  In Job. They took it for granted they lived and worked havoc in the lives of men.  It was a taken truth.  When people acted really "off" mentally it was said they were with a demon!  Jesus cast out many demons.  If it was so in those days it goes without saying they will be even more so in these days before Christ's return!  

You may be unaware but if you are a faithful follower of Jesus Christ you are being attacked daily.  And even more so this year than any year before.  Each week I see the power of Satan's influence is greater upon humanity.   Where do those thoughts of yours come from?  The thoughts of "what if '" or "maybe" this or that is going to happen.  Doubts, fears, anxiety, dread of tomorrow.  Insecurity or anger.  Taking in small insignificant circumstances at work that in your mind consume your thoughts out of proportion?  It is not from God, so it is either you or satan's mind waves.  Cast them out!


After all these years I have found these simple things WORK.  IF you truly believe and have faith in God.

1. Praise
Yes if you feel the doom and gloom, anger, frustration, or anxiety coming on drop everything and take a moment to sing praise to God. Even just plugging in your ear some worship songs and thinking along with the songs.  Read praise words from Psalms.  Sing in your heart promises from God   
You can not stay negative when you are singing praises of faith and glory to God.
2. Pray
Pray the Name of Jesus Christ over whatever attitude is closing in on you.  Immediately and with earnestness.  Pray the promises of God, Ponder all His ways.  Pray a list of thankfulness with every single thing God has and is doing in your life NOT what you do not have or need.  Remembering the people who have less than you.  Remembering the people in Need.  Getting thoughts off of your self and onto God and others.  Pray for whoever is irritating or hurting you.   For them not against. 
3. Walk 
Take time instead of eating lunch or dinner to go for a long walk. Slowly walk and force your mind to notice the small things around you.  The plants, trees, birds singing, colors and as you do thank God you can see these things. That God gave you eyes, ears, or that you can even walk to appreciate what God has provided for this moment. Again not thinking of tomorrow but just the moment.  
I say this to myself often when tomorrow is looming and we have unmet needs  "For this moment I thank you God for I have enough.  For today I am ok.  tomorrow I leave in Your Great Hands.  You Who love so much.  I trust you. 
4. Exercise
Any type of exercise to work off your frustrations will help if the above is done also .  Our bodies need this exp when we sit most the time.  But the spiritual is most important along as secondary is exercise for physical reasons. 

walking and finding the smallest of things that God created is soothing. Take pictures and reflect. ©salzano


Anytime you grow more close to God. Via more studying, a move in any direction God has put upon your heart to do you can expect satan to attack.  He comes roaring in to get you discouraged, fearful, anxious, sullen, to change your course or to just get your mind back on what he wants you to  be engaged in.  Like your self, Your problems, your money, your relationships, instead of your focus on God.  So expect it!  Do not be astonished if you have these attacks.  If they happened to Christ they will happen to you!  But fear NOT.  God is with you!  He can not do any more than what God Himself allows at any given time. That is what fears us really.  We know God can prevent things but how much will He allow! SO we are fearful and afraid of what God will have us go through. We do not like pain, suffering, waiting, doing without some things.  Walking in Faith is a life long growth lesson.  We cannot be what God intends without going through the rocky ways but with out the rocky road we cannot become saints of the most High..
also... Be aware that when anyone takes drugs, or too much alcohol they are making their own minds more open to satanic thoughts and wave lengths.  Even the act of getting really angry will leave your mind open to be used by satan.  He is all about anger, resentment, getting even, hurting others etc.  When you are not under the influence of drink, or drugs or intense anger you have a reining consciousness that will normally choose your actions wisely.  So beware of those things as well. 

So lift your trembling hands and shaking knees and keep walking! God IS with you.  ;-)  And He wins in the end.  


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