Review of one of my fav magazines...

I am a avid reader. Have been my whole life thankfully.  I say thankfully because so many people today do not want to read. Have no patience to read and now I see the dangers in that habit.
If we depend on what someone else says and do not study and read for ourselves we set ourselves up for major reliance on other people's opinion and not on facts.

We need a broad range of reading, but first we must be familiar with Gods foundation in the Holy Bible. Without a foundation of basic Godly truth you will fall for anything.
But if your foundation is set on God's word you can not so easily be led astray.

Today I want to give out a thumbs up for the free magazine "Beyond Today" put out by the United Church of God.  This issue I am quoting from is the May-June issue. written by Mike Kelly 
First can I say again it is FREE.  How many churches today give anything for free, yet God said to give what we learn freely to others!
I have been reading most of Beyond Todays mag for the last year.  My mother was getting it long time ago and I read her issues.  I already know this church and its teaching having been a member of WWCG years ago.  I know they are very much dedicated to following the word of God and they are blessed by God to have the truth of what God wants spread out to others at this time.
They cover not only the basics of doctrine, and character development, but also parenting, relationships, and prophecy.  They keep the 7th day Sabbath as Christ did.

I appreciate writers that really dig for facts and keep us up to date.
In the article "America's Deep Government Division" I found I was marking a whole lot of the article. A clear sign that the writer was putting into words what I have been feeling lately and seeing in the news. Let me quote a few points here and be sure to order your copy at the link above provided (and highlighted) in second paragraph .

Beyond today article by Mike Kelly 

It has been unreal the bias and unprofessional actions of different news companies this past couple years!  I wonder how many SEE this or if the majority of people are blind to what is happening!  Thankfully if you follow some good news casts and publications you can see what is truth and what is clearly biased and slanted in a power struggle not seen in my time.

Yes the anger and personal opinion lately is astounding!  The people need to hear the FACTS and the TRUTH.  But that is the bottom line isn't it.  Truth according to who?  To me there is only one truth and that is God's truth.

So my review of this publication and of their utube, radio broadcasts are a thumbs up!  You will learn bible based lessons and be inspired and lifted up as well as up to date on world News, and where we are in Bible Prophecy.  Beyond Today Link

In the days and weeks to come I pray you will keep reading. Check lots of newscasts and do not think one station on tv is giving you the whole picture.  Worldly organizations, Sadly, are biased and tilted in their reports.  So do not be mislead. Get more facts and line up against the word of God to see if the things they speak are true.  Here is the United church of God link 

God Bless and Keep you in the faith no matter what.  I have a made this my daily saying, "whatever it takes God".  I am willing to stand at the house of the Lamb.

Dogs are faithful and always look forward to seeing us.  Lets us always look forward to the study of God's word and His ways.  ©salzano Pembroke welsh corgi pic 

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