On the third day God created the stars and lights....

God made the sun, the moon and the stars for signs, Seasons, and for days and years. 

We take for granted the things God has created for us.  Like they would still be here if God was to not exist.  Which is never going to happen. God existing, not wether the stars, moon and sun will remain.  God has created a habitat for us on earth.  How many other planets are there with human life?  Or with plants and oceans, and air?  none that we know of.  Why this one only ?  Although God may have another planet like ours there are none any where near us.  This is just one more peg in the board of God's creation reality.  Which it matters not what others believe.  I know He exists and that He created all things through Christ who was also called "the Word".

He made the sun to give us sunshine for the day part.  Then the moon to shine at night.  The stars seem to move as we rotate around and around.  Held in place by the forces He alone controls.  Any deviation on any one point and the planet  we live on would not continue to provide a place for us to live.

It plainly says why He created them.  They have and are signs in the heavens.  Long ago people could navigate the oceans by the position of them.  The wise men (star gazers) at the time of Christ's Human birth upon the earth was seen as a sign by the stars. How did they do that?  I don't know as I am not one who studies the position of the stars but they did.
Oh the wonders of the heaven! Who can measure them? ©salzano

Certain things happen on time and God planned it that way.  Even though we have great technological advances today we still can not predict a future event.  We can guess and wonder but time alone tells. However by watching we do see the pattern and that pattern is our assurance that God is indeed in Control!  So keep your faith in God.  You know that faith  is not by sight or by hearing but trusting in God as we keep our eyes on Him and trust Him in whatever He is doing in the days ahead.  

Man stands like a ant in the universe. Yet God knows every single one.  God knows every detail and if we let Him, He will direct your paths to a path with true meaning and purpose.  ©salzano

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