How do I pray ?

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Sometimes I forget that many people are new to the concept of God. That was how I was at first. I had NO idea who the four gospels were even.  I def. did not know where to find all those books in the bible and trying to follow along at church was frustrating because by the time I found the chapter and verse they were on to the next one .  However a bible with tabs does help.  Just take notes and look them up later at first. ;-)

Prayer is like breathing.  You must use it to live. Think of Prayer as just conversing with your creator. You know what to say to your best friend, or spouse or parent right?  Begin there.  Prayer is not some repeated words with a meaning you are not even sure of. 

I looked up the "Strong's" meaning of Pray and Prayer in just two passages:

proseuchomai Pray

From G4314 and G2172; to pray to God, that is, supplicate, worship: - pray (X earnestly, for), make prayer.

tephillâh Prayer 
From H6419; intercession, supplication; by implication a hymn: - prayer.(KJV)  Hear my prayer, O LORD, and give ear unto my cry; hold not thy peace at my tears: for I am a stranger with thee, and a sojourner, as all my fathers were.

Prayer is your way to communicate  to God your every anxious thought and your every joy and thankfulness. 
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God desires to hear from you daily.  Anytime! Not a set one hour a day but communicate with Him always.  While you drive, In your thoughts, (He knows all your thoughts so Think to God), While you lay down and while you walk.  Any where any time.  He is your constant companion.  It is good to set aside times every day that you routinely pray. This then becomes habit.  We need routine. Like brushing your teeth, bed time, eating.  Add Prayer to your daily routine.  But it is so much more than a routine.  It must become over time, your need to pray always. Not just at prayer time.  Since God is with you as you go here and there, you must be with HIM as you walk through life.  This is building a relationship of trust and communication. 

As above, at first you must set a routine of time but you need a routine of where.  A place where you can be alone with God. No TV, Phone, Or Radio going.  No interruptions. A bathroom, a bedroom, any where you can find absolute quiet for a time.  Silence.  You cannot pray a meaningful prayer regularly in the midst of your living room with the tv on and family asking you questions.  
I find prayer is best as soon as I become awake and one hour before bedtime.  These are my routine prayer and study times but they are no-where near my only prayer times.  I pray while driving, I pray when out walking, I pray in the middle of the day in my living room or while on a bus.  My mind is constantly praying / talking to God.  I believe He IS with me. I am talking to Him constantly.  During the day I do file away things to talk to God about intimately at my routine prayer times.  When I know I can be in a quiet place.  Otherwise my life is now a constant prayer with this invisible God who is my companion all day and all night.  Bottom line is Make a place and a time for prayer. Whatever it takes even if it means getting up in the middle of the night!

If you are young and able to bow on your knees is best. When you get old as I am , I cannot sit on my knees any more. Do you think God who made us would give more value to one on his knees or one who lays flat out?  No, obviously God just wants to hear from us as long as we are in a right attitude and the best way we can.  If you are handicapped you may have to just pray where ever and however you can think in your mind. It is a HUMBLE mind that counts not the outward form that you can do.  God accepts the repentant mind and heart. He will not listen to a arrogant and unrepentant attitude until that person changes their attitude. Rebellion is the one wall between man and God . But a heart that is completely sorry can come and be heard at any time to God. 

What to Pray:
First I know it is foremost on our mind what WE want and what WE need to pray first.  But try to put the prayers for others first after you praise and thank God for your moment to be before Him.  Praise first. Being in a state of thankfulness is important.  You dont see your mom after months of being away and start right in with things you want.  You greet her and then you ask how she is and how things are going.  
When you pray to God be thankful to Him for providing every thing in your life.  Cant think of anything? Say thank you for the food and fresh air you had today..  There are always many things to give thanks for. 
Be thankful for the angels that are faithful to God and protect us as they do His bidding everyday.  Be thankful you have a roof over your head, and maybe a few good friends or close family near by.  Be thankful for clothes to wear and water to drink.  
Once you have praised God and prayed for others.  Pray and talk to God about your needs. What needs you have can be emotional needs.  Physical needs.  Take all your needs to God your rock.  If your having problems with a fellow worker, if your spouse and you have trouble take it to God first.  He is the source for any and all problems.  Leave it with Him and do NOT go about telling everyone else about it.  Except for a few closest to you it is best to have Gods direction on matters and not grumble to workers and neighbors.  
I cannot express enough how God is your go to for all things but you need to leave it with God and trust God to care for it .... in HIS timing not yours.  This is living prayer.  Not just lip service.  LIVE the prayer after you pray. Even if you see no results KNOW God hears your prayer and trust and wait.   As Charles Stanley is always saying, Take it to God and leave all the consequences to Him.  

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