Creation Creativity and God's Gifts

 Sometimes it seems we become discouraged if we are not out doing great things. 
For instance, being a major online speaker for God or writing lots of spiritual books, or even heading up  really important offices at church.  But is that what will Please God? What does God expect from us?  I love what a friend of mine said, "why doesn't God just give us a phone call and tell us what to do?"  ;-)  
Having a pet is a gift. God created this cute pup. God made it possible to have her as a pet. 

Do not fear or allow these thoughts of not "doing" enough burden your thoughts!  When you start to really know God you will know that these thoughts are not from God but from the enemy of God in most cases.  I have had these now and then since I was called and baptized years and years ago! 

God has created each and every one of us with talents unique to us.  He has plans for every one of us in regards to what we can do.  Feeling inferior is not what God wants.  It may motivate us to be more than we thought of course but we are normally feeling less than our worth when we allow these thoughts to continue. 
I am a artist/designer.  I stay home and have had some serious health problems. Yet I can do my art even though I cannot work away from home.  I am no great author or have any great name for myself.  Yet I know God hears my every prayer, He loves me as the apple of His eye just as He does everyone of His trusting children.  I see His miracles every day.  I know I am right where He wants me to be! I awake each day and know my job is to be a light to all I meet. Not a fog horn but a positive moment. To say hi and smile to new people. To be a inspiration as much as I can to those I know.   This is what all of us are to do.  Not all can be great apostles .  God knows and created many callings.  Your calling may be small but is of no less value to God. 
God gave John the talent for music. He can play any reed instrument. There are things john can not do but his talent from God is music.  

When God wants us to go a different direction I can say for fact YOU WILL KNOW.  It is not a mystery when God changes your direction.  He will start with a small voice that you may ignore but if it is from God the intensity will grow until you can not ignore it!  That is IF you follow God and are in communion with Him daily now. If you study and pray always to do His will, and you pray to know what direction to go and seek His purpose do you not think He hears you?  Or that you go years and years and He just ignores you?  Absolutely not! Once you surrender your life to God in repentance and baptism you are here in His care. He will go before you and come up behind.  He IS directing your life.  No matter where you are He is in the details!  TRUST THAT!  No one who completely trusts God is going to be ignored or not heard.  
Hand sculpted ceramic bird. Amazing that what we create are mostly imitations of God's creation! 

If you are a mom, home maker and you pray daily, you teach your children and help your husband you are doing just as big a work in glorifying God as the one who is a full time author of following God or a in demand spiritual speaker! Maybe you are single and work in a office. You work lots of hours to get by but have little free time.  God knows where you are!  You are touching lives. Everyone who works with you, people you meet going to work or from work. Maybe you are older like myself and think your time of being useful is little.  But you are in greater freedom for prayer, praise and wonder of God every day! Never underestimate the value of your walk in God. The smallest career if it is truly following God is the brightest lantern of God's truths.  And for those who are  ill , or house bound due to handicaps, or whatever can still pray and be a joy and bright spot in Gods life!  Yes, what if you are His special joy just being alive.  He laughs and smiles when He listens to you every day.  You love and are so thankful for the smallest things that God keeps you in the palm of His hands as his very own bright spot on the earth.  Just think about it. Right now the world is its darkest in history in many areas.  But around the world He has some who are just for His delight. You are constantly lifting the sweet aroma of your prayers as you give Him praise and Glory!  He is greatly pleased with you because you are greatly thankful in all things.  
It is all about our hearts and intent not about what we DO. 

baby pigs eating pumpkins with mom and child watching 

God is creator!  He creates.  He created the whole universe and stars for us to wonder at.  He created the fast oceans, the waves of the sea, and majestic mountains we can admire.  He created all life.  Many animals are still being identified in the ocean and how often do we see birds and animals that just bring a joy to us!  He created this world and life for us to enjoy .  We are creative also.  We find joy when we can make something or if we just prune the plants and watch them grow. It gives us great joy! This joy gives God joy!  We receive God's gifts of various talents and passions in life according to His will and and we give back by being thankful and praising Him.  It is the circle of Life. Gods life.  Gods way.  

this man was poor, he did not have a new vehicle or much fishing gear but he stood on the bank and caught a very big salmon. He can provide his family with a few good meals ! 

 It does not matter where we are, God is always near.  We can see it in all of nature that is created for us to admire, use and care for.  He is in family activities and caring about others around us.
 If we look closely we see amazing things every day. Can you spot the bunny below?

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