Calming Photos and Sabbath pondering....

Yesterday, (Friday)I woke at 3am, got up did morning chores which include walking two dogs and feeding them.  Was able to get out the door at 4:30 am to drive about 25 min to where I swim for exercise.  After that it was so nice to see the light after a winter of dark at that time of day!  It was about 6am so I decided to drive over to a spot I know of where I could overlook the lake .  I picked up a small green tea and parked.  Took some pictures around the park there.  These are my pictures and some Sabbath thoughts :

©salzano lake Washington 
 The bench is empty as the waves of last night's storm calms down.  A cool breeze blew against my face.  I thanked God that we are never alone.  I love that we have God as a perfect companion, Almighty God who always keeps His promises and does for us what we could not.  Bring us to the character of His righteousness.  This takes time for it is not done by some instantness but down a long road of circumstances that when we surrender our lives to Him -HE directs.  So I can sit on that bench and not feel alone ever.  I can know for fact that no matter what is happening in my life God is there with me.  He promises to never abandon us. But we must completely trust Him.   Then we sit and wait and know the waves will never drown us, no matter how much they rage.
Duck with 9 ducklings, dad off to the right.  ©salzanos
 As much as we are not alone, as God is with us. We are also at this time still physical and not yet perfected spirit beings.  We also were created to need family.  Our family is as much a need as air and water.  Family is the family of God, our parents, our children, aunts, uncles etc.  There can be people who are just like family to you.  A strong unit of family and friends are not easy to throw down.  Through the tough times (which everyone has) they build you up and help you as well as you help them and encourage them onward. This photo above is a mother duck who is very diligent over those tiny babies.  Even the male is not allowed to be any nearer than he is.  She keeps them safe but they have to listen to her and stay close or they may perish.  She teaches them what danger is, where to find food and what food they can eat, swimming to safety (they know how to swim at birth) and eventually they will be flying. They are fragile right now. Do not know the rules of life yet.  Just as we are .  We are just like fragile  ducklings to God.  If we listen and stay close He is going to guide and teach you what you need to know for the world tomorrow!
The storms are rough and the waves may threaten to overcome you but God is IN the storms of your life. He is the only hope for any living thing.  He is life, breath and all we need.  Tho the earth crumble and skies disappear, the Lord my God will be ......He will always Be.........  

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