Are you persecuted?

Do you ever feel you are singled out and treated differently from others?  
It does not matter what race you are, what gender you are, what faith you believe,  how much money you have, how much education, what you look like,( normal, beautiful, plain), where you live because every one is persecuted in some degree at some point in their life. 
Look around the world yourself.  Who is persecuted?  In your office, in your group. 

I am female. I felt treated different at times because I was female, because I was single, because I was a single mom, because I believed in God and kept "other" holy days then some.  I was treated different because I had little education, I was treated different because of this and that and so on. To tell you the truth I just never dwell on it.  I have always seen that all people at some point get treated different.  I just do not see that it is something ODD.  I do see it and have felt its sting of sorrow.  I then use it to remember how it feels and be kind to others even if they are not very lovable because I have been unlovable at times.  Yet God aways stays with me, helps me and directs me back to the path when needed. How can I put myself above any other when I need so much help? Why do I need to the affirmation of others when I have God almighty to love me and acknowledge me?  
I can enjoy this day!  I can be positive and a eager looking to tomorrow because the Lord my God is in this moment!

With God you will be treated just as any other person He has created.  If you sin and keep a rotten attitude you will be treated in a way that hopefully leads to repentance and compassion on others as you learn to live the Life of Gods love instead of hate and bitterness.  You get treated a positive way if you live the life God , Jesus Christ showed us to live.  One way leads to a full and joyful life no matter our circumstances. You understand the times of correction is from the Love and compassion of God who loves us more than any one on this earth.   The other way to live leads to failure, depression, anger, hate, self justification, self love, no empathy for others, and a total inward look of life.    

A search online for who is the most persecuted group I found almost every writer said, "Christians". If there is one group more hated than most it was those who profess and live for Christ.  But then if Christ Himself was persecuted, lied about, beaten to a pulp and tortured what do you expect we shall be? But Christ says He overcame the world and He would help us also.

This is why it is ludicrous to march around with signs of how badly you are treated when most the world is persecuted on a daily basis.  Why not see what you can do for others today and stop seeing only yourself.   Remember the women who are slashed in the face and burned because a husband decided too.  Remember the poor who beg for food and are turned away, remember the men who fought in war and were maimed and now have no way to earn a income so live on the street, remember the mentally ill, the handicapped, the elderly who take up your time in line because they are slow,  the disfigured faces who no one wants to talk too, the person you live near that you will not talk to because you think they are beneath you.  
This white birch tree stands out in park of green. We should stand out in a Godly way of actions, thoughts and deeds. ©salzano pic from Kirkland Wash.

The odd thing is that the one group who did the most persecuting was also a group called, "christians" in history!    Remember it was so called "Christians" that killed Christ.  That should give us food for thought.  What is that all about??  Basically in a nut shell and I urge you to go study your self but it is because there is a counterfeit religion that takes on the name of Christ but does NOT keep His ways.  It is a religion of man under the influence of Satan the enemy of God!  
Our worst persecution then, coming again is going to be from other so called Christians who are wolves in sheep clothing.  Looking to destroy the very word of God and will fight against the return of Jesus Christ.  Unless you know the word of God very well and pray daily to have your eyes open to truth you will be deceived and believe the lie.  
Now is the time to redeem the days for tomorrow we never know what is coming.  We will either be the maidens spoken of in the new testament , (that have oil in the their lamps) or you will be the ones out side the closed door with no oil and no admittance.  It is not too late....................

A morning walk is refreshing the soul and mind not to mention the physical body. ©salzano
Lake Washington 

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