What do you do when truth is not what you want to hear?

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In personal life or in spiritual life there are times we hear truth and it is not want we want to hear.  We may at first deny it.  Or the most often response is anger.  Anger seems to be our cover story because we do not like to be told we are wrong in some belief.  Like that does what?  Means we are human?  I am guilty of it.  I am aware of it now because of my years studying God's word. So now I can combat my reaction.  Take every thing with the possibility it could be true.  Find out if it is! 
That seems easy enough but the majority of people will NOT! Unbelievable!  Don't be closed minded.  But base everything on God's word and HIS direction.  Also don't be so open minded your brains fall out!  Is common sense gone today?  

God gave us the HOLY BIBLE to have a basis, a foundation of discernment.  But with that reading and study of God's word one must have The Holy Spirits direction and only God can give us that. God gives that to those who are sincerely wanting to know His truths.  
Add a lot of time to the whole recipe.  Patience and waiting on God to show us in His time.  

The reason for my post today is I am reading (re-reading) the book called, "The Incredible Human Potential" by Herbert W Armstrong.  I have read most if not all of his main books.  He was a apostle of God when I was first called by God.  Did he makes some errors in truth?  Since all man has' I can say yes.  Does any human on earth know all things?  No.  Did he have some revelations from God to all of us?  YES!!!  So I read and study.  I compare the scriptures he gives and I take it to God and make sure I am on the right track.  God has shown me by his fruits that Mr Armstrong WAS one of GOD's apostles and like many of Gods own they were persecuted and labeled a false preacher by some.  Christ Himself was labeled so, as were His true apostles.  Why? because Satan knew who they were and did not want them going around speaking God's plan!  Well... read the book to understand what I am trying to explain.  Mr Armstrong does a great job of writing.  

In this book are truths that are astounding and is what really put my life in the correct direction when I was in young.  His books are not the only books I read and study.  I have not worshipped Mr Armstrong but worship God.  Mr Armstrong would never have wanted people to worship him but always taught us to NOT TAKE HIS WORD but study for ourselves to see what is truth.  
One thing I know is that God will open our eyes to know what we need to know at any moment in our lives.  We know little things at first like a first grader learns and then goes on to keep learning greater things as he continues through school.  So does God teach us.  

Page from book mentioned above.  Link above too.

There is a huge selection of books to read for free online.  Both from Mr Armstrong and from places like the United Church of God.  I have links in my page listed at the top of your page here. 
 He will give you a glimpse of what the the TRUE gospel Jesus Christ came to tell us. What he shares is backed by scripture and is a message of the KINGDOM OF GOD.  It is NOT a place in heaven where we float around in ease all eternity.  It is a place and it is the GOOD NEWS not bad news of a new Kingdom to come.  

He will clearly show you how the whole world has been deceived and has a false idea of what the message of Christ is even though they take the name of Jesus Christ and like to have stories of God they are twisted and not the whole truth.  

So, yes I hope when you are faced with something new you do not shun it because it might make you rethink what you are doing. That in fact you may be doing things that Christ never wanted you to be doing.  It is up to you. If you are happy going the wrong path and it feels good you will prob not see if it is truth. But God said to test the words brought to you and find out truth.  For all truth in time shows its fruit wether it be good or not.  I would rather not trust man's opinion but study to find out what really lines up with the word of God and what does not!  

Before closing let me add one thing.  Take just the seventh day sabbath.  Why do all the main big churches go on SUNDAY when just a few minutes online and you find out the 7th day in Jesus time and is today the day modern world calls Saturday.  THE Jews keep the 7th day.  Christ kept the the day.  So why ??  study and you will find out.  One can worship God every day of the week but if you want to follow Christ and DO has He did you would want to make the 7th day your day of rest and worship the main day .  Like I said we can still worship God any day but if you are setting aside ONE day a week make it the day Christ did.  Better yet, worship God every single day.  Every single day is putting God first and keeping Him on your mind, studying in praise and prayer.  

For me I am going to study what I can and glean from the the things I study to see what lines up with God's word. Keep what is perfect and good according to His word and toss out anything that does not   
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Almighty God, I pray for discernment and to be given truth.  Your Truth not mans.  Let us all be ready to change what needs to change and to stand on what is your truth.  Let us not be deceived either by the world, man, or satan.  This is your will if we pray and continue to seek your truths.  Not our will but your will be done!  We will stay the course to learn and grow as you look out for us no matter where we are in this world. You and you alone are our place of safety and our purpose.  
In Jesus Name I pray!  Amen

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