Warning! We are too complacent with Techology!

Food and water is our number one need as well as shelter. (bird art©salzano)

It is as clear as day to me that we are in danger.  We have placidly accepted total reliance on electricity and technology.  

To the point that we are unable and not ready for a minor or major disaster.  By disaster I mean a earthquake, tsunami or terrorist attack.  

When (not if) it happens in your town see how many groceries stores can sell product if they have no electric. I have found NONE.   It used to be they had back up with manual hand run or even paper to calculate totals and a old manual cash box to receive money.    Lets say it is just a minor ONE WEEK without power,  How many of us can do anything.  We should be able to buy groceries if needed.  The stores should have a plan to restrict sales of how many of one item each family can buy.  To prevent hoarding. They need to be getting a plan NOW.  Not after two years of board meeting.  Every store with needs for the people needs to think about this. 

I remember approaching a small store in my neighborhood down in a small town of Oregon.  Basically I had just finished a course in survival, and preparedness in the area which is over due for a Tsunami.  My home was assessable only by two bridges. Both of which would most likely be unable to be used afterwards.  One little store with gas and groceries is there.  I asked them what they would do if this disaster hit.  They had no plan and said they could just take a boat across the slough to town.  What a ignorant answer since all of the main town would be inundated with floating debris and logs, and no store would be assessable or would they be able to sell anything because of no power! For weeks!  Not days Weeks.  Month at least.  PLUS this store had no idea of how a panicked community would storm his store and buy up everything so that only a few had some of the needed supplies.   At least this store was so old it had the ability to sell if needed without power.  It could even pump with manual pumps the fuel left, 
my relatives back right before the dust bowls where they had to leave to survive! My family has learned to homestead and live off the land if needed. It is NOT easy. It is a full time job to do so.  We have to use technology now but we need to learn a few things in case of times without electric, and access to stores. 

This concerns me as I have just moved to a brand spanking new apt in a building with all the fine amenities.  But. I was given this "fob" .  I know, I had idea what a FOB was till now.  It is a small thing like a guitar pick.  It opens your doors.  The door to the apt, the door to the building to get to the apt.  I was assured that this fob is run by batteries and if a power failure happens it will still open the doors because it is battery.  Well today I could not access the building.  The fobs were not working. If people left the building they could not get back in.  This means if my dogs were out of water I could not get them out.  I do not know what the prob is and it is a GOOD thing this happened because this can now be addressed as I believe this is unacceptable for us all.  Not just my building but we cannot allow ourselves to get trapped or held hostage by our own apathy.  
For my building it would be imperative to have a manual way to open doors just in case.  KEY would be nice. Run by the hands and fingers of our own body. 

It is not going to harm anyone to learn some basic things.  Personally and for businesses like grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.  I am sure the fire dept and police have plans.  But as home owners, and apt renters, we are not ready!  We just think the government has a plan in place.  well they dont and we do not want to leave everything up to them anyway.  Use your own head.  Get out and find out what would you do if you have no power for one week. Or one month?  Write down some of these answers:
1.  Where will you get enough clean water to drink and for your dog and for washing your hands.?
2. Where will you get food to eat, without electric to even cook?
3. What if you cannot drive and have to walk. Where can you go for these things or store them?  
4. In case of emergency, have your family made any plans for meeting up somewhere? 

There are many sites online for personal readiness.  Do not delay and get a plan. Talk to your neighborhood grocery stores and suggest they have a plan.  

we are facing natural disasters increasing in intensity this coming year and years.  We are facing even possible attacks from other countries like North Korea or  terrorists, independent terrorist from our own country.  We could be without the basic needs and we need to have something ready.  

The biggest thing you are going to need and NUMBER ONE is your relationship with GOD. If you have been fence sitting it is past time to get the truth of who is our savior.  Only God can save us in the worst of times and in the little disasters He is the one I have found that always steps in to save me.  You can be in His care too IF , IF I repeat you are walking in His ways and Seek Him reverently !  

Remember when you see messages from the prophets like this it is not the state of Israel only God is talking to, It is all of Gods children!  Judah is the jews but there are many others that are today part of the whole world.  They are called Israel.  Or children of God.

PS:  Here is a good article on how to start a fire without matches.  Good to have one or two of those little survival fire starters too!

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