The Incredible Human Potential ... A Book Review

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I am and have always been a avid reader.  I love to read!  As  a little girl I would read often and spend time in the school library rather than play with the kids outside.  Being a introvert, is part why, but also because the library thrilled me!  Just think, all that information right at your fingertips!  Anything you wanted to know could pretty much be attained by reading.  

I have to say I am shocked at the lack of any desire to study or read today.  Everyone seems to have only enough patience for sound bites or short clips of news.  Attention spans are zero. Twitter size time for news or information.
 In my ladies groups I used to lead, I found most people wanted to be spoon fed all information and expected someone to do all the research and then they just accepted it!  This then makes it too easy for these people to blame all results on the teacher or leader because they did not find out anything themselves. This is not wise! It is lack of responsibility!  Check out facts yourself. It is you who will be held responsible when God judges all mankind! Every one of us is required to find out ourselves if something is true or how to do it if we can.  NOT that we do not need teachers but anyone can call themselves a expert on something but rather if they are or not is the question.  We are responsible to find out if any information is correct.  In this case the book I review today is one I have studies and read many times.  I have looked up the scriptures (in the Holy Bible) which is the foundation of spiritual truth that GOD Himself made sure we have access to for correction and guidance. 

This is what the inside cover says:

The is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ--of how this missing dimension was withheld, and the whole world deceived.

Also inside the next cover it says;
It's positively astounding!  It has remained undiscovered by science! No religion has revealed it! Higher education has never taught it!  Is it possible the whole world has been deceived---regarding the awesome purpose of human life--about the way to world peace and how it will come?
And could it be true that the real gospel message Christ bought from heaven revealed this missing dimension-- but was suppressed?
This is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ--of how this missing dimension WAS withheld, and the whole world deceived. 

I am here to tell you this book in my opinion, is God inspired for this last generation.  This could not have been revealed without God opening the mind of this servant Mr Armstrong at that time.  It was for these days ahead.  The revealing before the Days of the Lord.  If you do not know what the days of the Lord are then keep studying and reading on your own.  For it is vital to you and all of us alive today.  Christ is coming back to earth.  He is coming back as the New King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  The world will hate this because it is deceived by Satan right now.  You do not have to be blind you can know why Satan hates humanity so much.  This book will show you a never before glimpse of the world tomorrow.  The HUGE potential you were born to know but have not . No church (except a few small ones) teach the true Gospel of the Kingdom.  
There is a reason for all the stars, planets and galaxies. That they are not alive like earth.  Their is purpose for humankind.  Their is a future of superb hope, success and prosperity!  Not like this world offers but far greater.  You can not begin to live life to the fullest until you know your true purpose!

I highly recommend this book.  It is free to read. Link above under the picture of the book or Here.
If you find anything that does not speak from scripture but find treasures of truth that does then by all means hold tight to what is true and based on God's word. read the scriptures given yourself.  I found them to be true! 

One Last quote from this book.  Page 140:
If you see a christian do something wrong, don't sit in judgment and condemn--thats God's business to judge, not yours! Let's have compassion and mercy--we don't know the inner heart of others--only God does!

You don't have time to waste.  I believe the society we live in now though demanding tolerance and rights for all will be the very ones to be intolerant and shut down all true God based information in the days ahead.  Learn what you can now.  Study the word of God.  Pray always.  Keep close to your God and savior Jesus Christ.  He alone can save you and provide.  
We learn from all that God brings in our life. Both the pretty and good, as well as the hard and rocky times.
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