Of what value is it?

Alaska piece ©salzanos
The above pendant was laying in my jewelry box.  As I picked it up, the thought came to me, That unless you knew what it was, it would have no value to you.  If donated to thrift store it would be sold as cheap costume jewelry. But indeed it is a somewhat rare small piece of cut coral from the deep cold waters of Alaska.  I rarely see them for sale any more.   It could be that it is petrified wood not coral as the maker claimed, but it def. feels like stone. Looks like wood.  
No matter. The point being that only I know what it was labeled when I bought it in the early 1980's in Anchorage Alaska. 

The same can be said of Kingdom of God.  Unless you seek to understand the truth of what it is from God's word, you will think it is nothing of any value to you.  You could not be more wrong! 
It is NOT like you believe.  The world has been blinded to what the Kingdom Christ taught really is.  It is the GOOD NEWS not some placid palace in the sky with no real reason to look forward to it!....

It is of great value!  It is beyond your imagination and dreams!  If you truly understood you would sell all your possessions to gain access to it.  But this is not how to get there.  

This site (link below) has a archive of informative booklets, sermons by HWA.  Mr Armstrong was indeed a prophet of His time and He was given God's truth for THIS AGE. Even though he died in around 1985 His message is even more relevant now.  I believe this is so after re-reading numerous sermons and comparing what I knew back in the 1980s and what I have spiritually grown to know today!  I have studied other church literature. Many of them.  I have listen to countless sermons from all kinds of different denominations.  Learned a great deal of spiritual things from many but the MEAT the spiritual MEAT is still only found in God's truth from the HOLY BIBLE and those who preach that truth.  Matching the sermons to see if they match up with Holy scripture.  This is why I am qualified to say that this man knew God's truth and that truth was given to him from God for only GOD can open our minds to understand when we truly are called and we accept , surrender our will to Him!

This book Mystery of the Ages covers the Kingdom OF GOD very well.  You will not know by sitting in the majority of churches today.  You will hear about God, about Jesus, but you will not hear the truth of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD.  If you want to know this you will have to put in the research yourself.  Here is the link to study and that site has a treasure of other information. I stick to only Mr Armstrong's messages but they may have other good articles too for you.  

"Mystery of the Ages"
this is the full version

If you have little time this site and post should wet your appetite:

It is NOT the biggest church ( a church is a group of people not a building) or the richest or the most well known that have truth. No indeed. It is the smallest and not well liked. WHY?  because it teaches what Satan , the adversary of God and Humanity.  He does not want anyone to understand the truth of Why God made you or what God has planned for you!  

I pray that God will indeed open your mind to understanding and that you, A precious child of God for incredible purpose with Jesus Christ you will find truth and spiritual understanding that will help you overcome all things in the days ahead.  You will find peace, success in life and a future hope which shall not be cut off! 

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