Just who is your friend?

Are friends anyone you know well?  What makes a good friend.  How important is a friend.  Maybe the most important question are you a good friend? I was pondering this today and since I have lived upon this earth over 65 years now I have my views and God's word to share about the concept of friends.  

In the bible the greatest Friend story is that of David and Jonathan. They had instant connection.  A bond that never was broken. They showed a life long respect for each other even though David was on one side and Jonathan was the son of Saul who hunted david to kill him!
And some of the women in the bible were great friends. It makes a good study to find them and see how they lived.

 A friend of mine with her daughter above and below doing art with me.

I have found that throughout my life, I have had what I call true life long friendship with just a handful of people.  I  have many "friends" but only four that I have kept in touch with the most.  For me this means that I feel accepted and a close connection with these women.  Even though tech. speaking you can have a friend of the opposite sex I found even though it was possible for me to do so- the male friends never worked as a best friend because eventually they begin to think of the friendship more than it is.  Meaning they wanted to be sexually attracted to me and I did not.  So male friendship was always not something I could have.  That is a shame. For I really loved having some male friends (they bring a different view of life) but had to keep them more distant. 
The female friendships have lasted to this day.  I not only know I can reach out to them at any time and know they will be there for me, I know I will be there for them. One is a lady over 87 yrs old. the others are around my age and in their 60's. 

1. It does not matter if are busy, we are there for each other.
2. It does not matter if we have not talked for months, we are connected in soul and respect for each other. We care about each others family and situation.  
3. We pray for each other daily
4. It has never mattered if we have different and even opposite religious or political views.  We do love each other but not sexual love. This is mutual RESPECT for each other having different views!
5. I never talk gossip or down about my friends.  They always speak up for me and I for them.
6. We trust each other.
For more in depth study on being a friend and who to have as friends here is a great Link.

side note:
To be close and love another person of the same sex does NOT mean sexual.  That is one of satan's lies that sex must be a part of having a true life long friend.  In God's kingdom of the saints there is NO sex. Spiritual beings do not need or engage in sex.  Sex is physical. Sex was created by God for the purpose of populating the earth in the animal kingdom and in the matter of reproducing human life. Human life that has the potential for becoming Spirit beings, Sons and Daughters of God in the coming Kingdom of God. Sexual mis-use is of Satan who seeks to twist and misuse God's Holy Purpose and plan for mankind. 
My husband in red shirt. He is a sax player and is sitting with his friends at a barbecue. 

Friendship is also necessary for humans as we were created to have bonded friendships! OH how good and wonderful for people of God to dwell in harmony with each other God says in the Psalms.  It is what we are meant for.  People so in tune with each other that mutual respect and honor is given back and forth building each other up and not down

Right now we are in a whole society bent on killing each, other bashing each other if you even happen to disagree in any area.  I read where someone from Europe was suppose to give a talk at a college in America and they were from Israel so the students got violent because this speaker is not going to speak what they believe. Instead of listening to this speaker they assume they already know all truth and thus they judge  someone else because they have  all knowledge. (having lived all of what 22 years upon the earth)? This is immature thinking and not wise.  A wise man will listen to all sides of any given idea and then form a sound opinion.  Without violence and with respect that all people have the right to come about different thoughts.  Even if we disagree with others it is never our right to become violent when peace is offered.  We can dwell, for now, with different ideas without destroying each other.  We could but we will not.  God is going to have to return to save us from this sad fact.  We should be all living according to the laws of Love God set for His creation (humanity)  Allowing different views but within the laws of love for each other and the health, happiness and joy for all.  

Another great thing about true friends is our opportunity to love them always.  Even if they should leave you, love them anyways.  If you love someone you never turn against them.  Life may take you apart physically but in God's kingdom we shall always be near.  I have made up my mind to always love all the people I have shared time and life with.  The pictures above are people who shared life with.  The good times and the hard. We are all God's children, learning and growing.  We are CHILDREN to God and need to allow ourselves to grow.  Caring about each other always and being able to accept that we grow at different rates and knowledge.  What a blessing in my life is the life of many friends and some who remain life long friends.  

Be the friend someone needs today.  For everyone you meet can be a friend. Even if you never in this temporary life see them again until Christ returns.

Remember too that you have one friend that never leaves you. God is first and foremost your rock and friend through all things. He never gives up on you, He alone will be there when all others flee. 

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