God speaks in non verbal ways....

and God called the light day and the darkness night.... photo ©salzanos 

It is very helpful to understand how to hear God.  He is speaking through many non verbal ways.

Take the example of night and day.  God begins each new day at sunset. Not day light. Why is that?

Gen 1:3  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
Gen 1:4  And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Gen 1:5  And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Here is the meaning of Light: (Strongs concordance) 
NOTE: Strongs concordance lists all the words of the bible and tells you the original meaning as they were written.  Many times the words said today do not have the same meaning as they are in the bible so it is imperative to study the real meaning 
From H215; illumination or (concretely) luminary (in every sense, including lightning, happiness, etc.): - bright, clear, + day, light (-ning), morning, sun.

Notice the words about light: Happiness, Clear, 

and the meaning of Darkness:
From H2821; the dark; hence (literally) darkness; figuratively misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness: - dark (-ness), night, obscurity.

Note the words of darkness:  Destruction, Death, Ignorance, Sorrow, Wickedness! 

The meaning then is more clear.  God is showing us that first came darkness upon the earth because of the sin of mankind from Adam and Eve to now.  There is death, there is ignorance about God and His ways, but after the dark (evening) comes day or Light.  And the light which is Jesus Christ who brings joy, happiness, revealing truth for light reveals.  
Darkness is showing us  satan, the demon world that deceives, and covers up truth.  Day and Night. Two opposites.  One is the life and hope of all living things, the other is the deceit and lies of the evil one.  
darkness is like death, asleep, unaware....photo winter in Washington ©salzano

We sleep at night to show our sleep of death but we arise in day like the resurrection to life when Christ returns.  A time for all seasons. A time we all walk in ignorance, being deceived by the three S's.  Satan, Society and Self. The season we are in is the dark.  This world is really influenced by Satan the enemy of God.  We have not the light yet.  But Christ's return will be the light!  Revealing the truth in all the places of the earth, and no more darkness to those who live during Christ's reign. 

 A new life begins soon at Christ's return.  Like a new day breaking and the birds all sing, so will the earth rejoice and all heavens angels and the saints will rejoice as Christ returns to rule.  To those who have received Christ and surrendered their sin and life of wrong living, God has opened your eyes!  You should be seeing the truth and not deceived.  This point can be a proving ground.  Do you accept truth when you hear it or do you make excuses to deny truth because you do not want to disrupt the easy wrong way.  Following what Christ did and what the world does are two different things. We have the  holidays of man or you can choose the Holy Days that God instituted.  Which is correct? mans or Gods? 

When we take each passage of the bible and ponder God's ways we hear Him teaching us what is, what was, and what will be for our future!  We have hope and His promises.  We start to understand God's purpose and intent which is all good and perfect.  Listen to everything God is teaching us through his creation, His word, His methods of inspiring us and correcting us are tools to understanding.  Day and Night is just one little area to understanding.    

Rejoice for Christ our savior has came and is coming back.  A lot sooner than you realize! 

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