What lasting impression can you leave?

animal tracks embedded  in cement ©salzano
We all will leave some impression when we die.  Can you remember a recent funeral you may have attended?  What was said about that person?  What did others say about them?  What we leave can either be of great impact for good or not good.  Most are some of both.  Will anyone remember what you did or how you lived three years after you die?

Being older now I have thought about this.  I can't say I have given much thought of what those who do not really know me think but I have always considered this with my children and loved ones.  What God thinks about me now and in the future is most important.

I want to leave some lasting life-long inspiration to my family and friends.  I do not want to be a burden of bad habits or wrong advice.  The only way I can see to achieve what I want to leave as my impression on others is the character and life of Jesus Christ.  What He taught was important !
 What He lived I want to live like.  I want my children to live honestly and to be kind.  I have to live that as a rock of my foundation.  I want my family to never even consider giving up.  I must live my life as one who does not give up when hardship comes but always be ready to get back up and live fully.

Just as the little animal that left those tracts left a impression in the cement that must have been at least since early 1950's , It is good for us to ponder what we can do and how we can live to leave a good impression.

Those imprints have moss growing in the tracks.  That is life.  The animal is long gone but the tracks hold enough moisture to allow the life of moss to give beauty to all who walk that path.   Was found in North Bend Oregon.
new buds on a magnolia tree ©salzano

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