Through God's Eyes.....

beach by Salzanos

We see through only our eyes.  Unless of course you are so close to someone that you just know what they like, how they will react to things etc.  When the two become one it means they are walking through life pretty much on the same purpose, values, and goals.  
Our views are based on what we were taught by example and words our parents or whoever raised us. What our teachers taught us, what our friends taught us, what books we read, what movies we watched and so on.  We are a product of our surroundings.  Actually a narrow view if that was all we could learn.  

But God and Christ are ONE.  Meaning they are unified in every thought, purpose and goal.  What one does they other has already agreed upon.  Talk about perfect unison!  Still in this relationship God the Father calls the shots overall.  Christ created all things- it says in the Holy bible- so He has his job too.  But it is in perfect harmony, which being human we really have never experienced.

  I have seen a rare couple that are in agreement to the point that they act as one.  Rare, very rare these days.  I also noticed in all cases someone is still the lead. The other willingly becomes second.  However they both listen to each other and make all decisions together.  We cannot judge physical relationships as any example of God and Christ's though.  Because theirs is perfect union and we have just not experienced that.  But it gives us a idea.  

Now what if we could see things from Gods eyes?  Know Him on a personal intimate way.  Understand His real intent, His purpose for us and mankind?  What does He like and enjoy?  Reigning high above in the heavens.  He and Christ look down and see everything!  They know ever thought on our minds at any given moment.  They see the past and know the future.  They contain the universe (which is endless) they hold the sun's and the moon's in their hands.  Every thing that is was from God. 
look for the tiny miracles all around like this little lady bug on a leaf. ©salzano

We cannot know all things but God has given us His word to understand what we need to know for now.  We are in a temporary space of time.  This is not what is the complete plan for us from God. This little world we live in.  Average life span maybe 70 years old.  This is nothing in the time and space of eternity.  There are big plans for us ahead !  

And the good news is CAN KNOW GOD.  In the bible we learn many basics.  People like to dwell on the "can not" do but the things God approves and loves are many more!  That is why the walk with God is called the ABUNDANT life.  Not the lacking life.  After 40 years of walking with God this is my views of what God loves and what God does not approve of (because they are destructive to us);

God is: (just a few that come to my mind) 
1. God is love. Not only Loving or teaches love but God is LOVE.  Total al encompassing. Not as the world loves but AGAPE love. Look that up. Pray about it and learn what real love is.
2. God always provides what we need when we need it.  Not what we want when we want it.  BTW:A need is not a want.  Only God knows for sure what we need. Finances, a place to live, food, healing, a mate or the ability to live with Him alone.  
3. God is always giving us special gifts for no reason too.  If it is some non-need and I pray about it and wait long enough I have gotten what I asked for in time.  Many things I have never had the extra money to buy but eventually God gives it to me.  Silly little things like a nice camera. That one took me three years waiting.  A new car.  Last one I waited 7 years, my old civic was 16 yrs old and had 111,000 miles before God opened a door WIDE for me to have a new vehicle that was dependable and just what I wanted.  These are examples of non need items but things I really hoped for and prayed for because I know ALL things come from God. Not by my effort or any other means. 
4.  God heals.  We can take medicine, go to doctors but only God heals.  He is the reason the body heals when we are cut or burnt.  But it is God who heals. Not anything or anyone else.  
5. God always comforts through the pain of life.  I have never not been spiritually comforted when my needs were great.  Like warm water pouring over me, will come His tender comfort and guidance. I never receive this unless I am praying for help and in a quiet place. Striving for His direction and in pain is when I find Him always there.  Again this takes time and patience.  God rushes through nothing.  His purpose is to build us up past ourselves.  Producing righteous character and stamina. 
Nature provides God's artistic creations that show His love for us! He made these for us to enjoy! ©salzano

God Loves:
1.Faithful and thankful praise.  In songs, in prayer and in time just being with Him. 
2.When we put Him first in all things. Before money, before your doctor, before your banker, before your toys, before your needs, before your friends and family.   
3. When we learn to love others above ourselves. When we take care of our parents, our neighbors needs, our family and even when we reach out to those who hate us.  We are exhibiting His character when we do. 
4. A joyful heart.  Someone who finds joy in every day no matter what circumstance surround them, they are joyful and praising Him and finding things to say thank you God!  A walk on a nature trail and enjoying all the creation God has made for our eyes to see .  Another word for this a good attitude.  Just be! 
5. A faithful Heart. One that will stand up for truth no matter what it costs them.  staying the course in your calling even when God does not give us what we think we need.  It is easy to love God and be faithful when He provides us all kinds of things.  But it is not easy when a loved one dies, you loose your home, have to do with out things for awhile. Maybe we are not healed.  Maybe we walk a long time where we do not hear from God yet we remain faithful.  We love God not because He gives but because He loves so we love.  Faithful hearts are always staying the course. 
6. A honest heart.  God knows our intent. Our heart. One who is truth and honest in intent. God loves a joyful and giving heart. 
7. A giver. Giving to others in our time, our thoughts, our prayers our money over what we get out of 

vintage postcard sent to my late mother in law. ©salzano

God does not like:
1. Lukewarm believers. They neither commit to fully following His ways, nor are they non believers.  He has harsh words for these in Rev. It would be better to have never said you knew God then to become lukewarm.  
2. Those who claim to be followers yet live a life of deceit, lies, and are wolves in sheep clothing.  They say they are leaders of Gods way yet they teach things that God hates.  Ripping off the children of God to promote themselves.  Like the money changers in the new testament that Christ rebuked at the temple. Taking advantage of the poor and weak.  Or those who tasted the life of God and then turned back to living for satan.  Though God is always open to receive truly repented ones back into the fold. 
3. Lying. Constant complaining, gossiping about others, 
4. Adultery and Stealing
5. Taking the name of God and not using it in reverence. Trivializing his name by regarding it as insignificant. Trying to use it for advancing evil. 
6. Murder. Taking the life of any human.  Either a child unborn or a person.  God is greatly grieved over murder.  For all human life are His children. He alone is judge and jury of our actions.  He alone has the right to decide who lives and dies.  He created us.  He has a plan for each one of us. 
7. Idol worship. Any thing you put into higher respect and faith is a idol.  This can be movie stars or musicians.  Doctors, money, things.  Position, work, etc.  Our biggest idol today is self worship. 
This is when every decision is made for ourselves first.  What I want, what I need what I deserve.   

EdmondsWash. ©salzano

Finally remember every human being on earth today has sinned some of these sins that God disapproves of.  But we have Jesus Christ who came and died a horrible death to save us. We Can be saved if we repent and change our direction.  Sincere change is only possible through a 100 percent change in our attitudes and who we decide to follow.  Man, The world or God.  There are two choices and no others. 

Believe or Unbelief.  Both require action.  We act out and take one road or the other.  These are no fence sitters.  One or the other.  Time is running out for all humans for our lives are short.  Choose wisely!

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