Looking for spring colors after winters sleep....

©salzano  bridge & river in Washington 

Nature itself is always showing us the renewal and life after death.  Spring is full of life but all winter the plants look dead.  The limbs are bare of its leaves and blossoms.  A dull grey covers the land, and the forests look like a black and white photo.

God created the seasons. He could have made two seasons, or just one. But He wanted us to learn of His plan and this helps us to understand better.

 A time of autumn where we reap the harvests of what has grown, and then we burn the piles of rubbish.  The old stems, leaves and dead plants.  The ashes then go back into the soil to rebirth the nutrients the next crop will need.  Winter comes with snow in most places and nothing much is growing.  Our favorite plants may seem dead.  They die back. No sight of anything green.  Yet in spring here they come again!  It is a miracle of life after death.
@salzano  Canadian Geese 

We see God's plan of the resurrection in His plan.  He has not intended for the dead to stay dead.  No, He has a plan to bring the dead back to life.  All who have died will live again.  He will judge them at that time and see how they have lived.  Even the baby that died after birth will be brought back.  He plans a time for many to live again physically that did not get a chance too.  He has a plan for those who heard his calling and answered.  Those who lived faithfully will live again as saints and followers of Jesus Christ.  They will help in ruling over the world in God Love.  Not like any human rule but like God meant things to be.  Perfect righteousness and Peace will be everywhere.  Even the animals will change and not kill each other.
©salzano Cement pot has tulips and overrun black berry plants

The pictures here are the scenes I witnessed this morning with my walk.  I have two dogs and it was a bit of the challenge to take pictures and hold their leads but you see the color coming here in my town.  Just as I see the plan of God is coming to the return of Christ.  The signs are everywhere and He is our place of safety before that day.  Afterwards is a time unlike anything ever experienced in the most imaginative minds.  Perfect life with Christ ruling and teaching the world the right way to live.

If you want to study this fact of the resurrections I have a link to the United Church of God under the tool bar above if link here does not work. Click it and they have free booklets filled with bible based scripture to tell the full story.  You owe it to yourself and your family to know and understand the truth!  You will never regret it.  Choose life!

Plants blooming on deck march 2017 

©salzano  pond with ducks (though you prob can not see the ducks)  ;-)

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