If we forget the intent of the law we make the law our god....


I have been pondering the intent of law. 
 Any law.  Mans laws, God's law.  We need law and order but without understanding the intent we do not accomplish why the law was created.
Jesus covered this a number times.  One was that the Sabbath was made FOR man not man for the Sabbath.  The head religious leaders of the time were always using the "small print" of the law to condemn others.  No work on the sabbath so these leaders would condemn Jesus for healing  a persons hand on the Sabbath.  Jesus tried to explain the difference but you see it was really about their wanting control, money, prestige, etc.  Not about the intent of the Laws of God.  

This is same today with many of our laws in this land.  The intent is overshadowed by the letter of the law.  Many being sent to jail or penalized by corrupt people making the laws into their own idols for selfish and self righteous reasons.  

This brings in judgement.  Why do you think God said do not judge others?  We love to find the tiny flaws in others but not see the huge ones in our own life.  This is why we must understand the Intent of all God's Laws!!  This is vital to growth spiritually before God.  God is choosing His saints by those who learn the laws intent and Holy purpose not who learns just the written laws of do and don't. 

It is easy to list a whole bunch of rules to follow.  Then memorize these and obey every one to the letter yet have no love or compassion on those who do not do what you have done.  Setting up yourself as better than others.  I have seen so many comments by people calling themselves the children of God that condemn others according to their own set of rules of righteous behavior thus showing no empathy or acknowledge of their own sins.  Maybe sins that no one see but resides in thoughts, deep resentments, or hidden anger.   Gossiping about the failures of others, downgrading others who appear to do less than you do.  

Remember God is the one who knows all of our thoughts, our deeds in secret, and what lies in our hearts.  Humans can not know what others intent are. That is why Jesus Said do not judge but He was talking about people in the church condemning those who do not know Christ.  
For IN the church more was said. For those in the church do watch out for each others and do judge (not condemn) if someone is sinning, then must be approached by two or three.  Not in a self righteous way but in love for we all want to be helping each other overcome.  

In the world the laws are man made, made for man and misused by man.  The higher power people have always used the laws for the betterment of themselves. The rich rule over the poor down through history and nothing has changed.  We who call our selves children of God should not live as they do.  But set yourselves up to imitate Jesus Christ.  Study God's laws in intent.  Make sure you refresh this knowledge yearly and pray often to God who alone can open our minds to understand and put into practice.  Once you know God knows and sees all you will stop trying to impress others and start acting and thinking for God.  

©salzanos  Oregon Coast

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