I fell in love with the musicians teal boots......


I was about 7 or 8 yrs old. Living in Monument Oregon.  I was a ranchers daughter and was attending a old style barn dance in the tiny town.  This was back in the late 1950s and life was different back then.  I don't know this new world.  It was not uncomfortable through the 60's , 70's, 80's even 90's . But today.  It is like the old saying, "be open minded but not so much your brains fall out"! 

I know right? What is going on?  The world wants us to believe there is no male or female any more. The world wants me to believe robots will help the world and yet nothing is said where all the low income people will get their jobs. The world decided that bathrooms are this big issue about what symbol is on the outside and yet in my days of growing up ,the outhouse was one pit dug deep and just a Moon or nothing at all was on it.  No running water,  it was out back of the house too. We used old sears catalogs to wipe with. No toilet paper.  We all poop and pee and it went into the soil to go back to being soil.  That was COLD running all the way out there at night as a little kid.  We were always afraid we might fall through the hole too!  LOL! Just give me a private restroom with a solid door that locks.  No stalls with everyone in it.  What are we cows?  Cows have stalls.  Everyone can use the single bathroom alone.  
We had lots of john deer tractors on that ranch! ©salzano

We lived on farms and ranches because we needed to raise most of our own food and learn to put it up for keeping over winter.  This means every animal born was either male or female.  The females were the ones that had wombs to give birth but the males were needed to provide sperm for the females to get pregnant.  We needed the cycle of life to produce more animals every year. Some for milk, some for meat, some to eat the brush down, some became pets.  

We dwelt with death always. Our favorite animals died but then came birth of baby animals and who did not love those baby animals.  The lambs, the baby goats, baby chickens.  The cycle came and went every year providing food, work to do, family togetherness, neighbors helped each other not depending on government to do it. This helped us to have a purpose and self worth.  We knew too much " help" from governments meant they would then want to order your life to their ideals.  No we wanted freedom!  To work the land and live!  To worship as we felt but to live in this USA according to the laws set before us to be free.  
Today death is not a topic people want to see.  They do their best to look like spring chickens but the feathers are just too thin and droopy.  Why not just look like we are old and wear it like a mantel of distinction.  We have LIVED X amount of years. We have (hopefully) gained wisdom!  We have been through drought, deaths, being poor and having abundance, we know how to get by with little and how to be humble with much and share, we have things to offer to the younger people yet we are treated as invisible humans or we treat ourselves as something that needs to be plastic looking new.  
young goat ©salzano

Now I see reports of people suing others for saying something they take as a personal wrong. In the label of "tolerance" they become the intolerant.  A person lives the life they believe in and loose everything because of it.  Example: a older lady befriends her customers all these years in a small business.  Then one day one of the customers who she has sold too and been friends with all this time asked her to do something that is against her faith.  Then they turn in bitter wrath and sue her till she looses everything she built up over the years.  What kindness was that?  Why did they do that? Why did they not accept her choice of belief and find someone else to do what they wanted?  Why destroy someone because they do not believe as you do?    

Health care used to be a kindly family doctor who you went in once a year or if you were sick for help. He knew everyone in town.  He probably knew your mom and grandmother.  He would take payments for services rendered.  Sometimes he made house calls.  Not today. I was penalized almost $400 dollars this year because my husband and I did not have health insurance for the full year. Only part of it.  We cannot afford the premiums and we do not fit the low enough income like others that get everything paid for free!  WHO is paying for all these people???  And like my one relative who can get a free boob implant.  Not exactly my idea of health care.  More like free imaging.  The gas to the operation and hotel stay also paid for by WHO????  

Not that I judge the fact this person wants big boobs but why is that paid for but others can not even afford premiums for real sickness or needs??? WHY make a law that every has to have health care? I want the right to not have to buy it and if I want to just get sick and not go to a doctor!  
I want to decide what to do with my body.  I do not want some doctor demanding I do what he thinks is right for me.  I would rather die under God's care than any mans care at this point.  The medical profession/ drug suppliers has become very big business and with power comes dictatorship and laws that are not right. (note: I am not against doctors. Or going when necessary but anyone who has dwelt with trying to get to a doctor knows the huge rig-a-role it is like now)
 I liked the old town doctor.  A doctor for every little community. Pay as we went. Can not pay don't go.  That is what I prefer.  I know most like it otherwise.  I just should not have to join this chaos.  
living on a ranch means one can have horses! We did have fun living on ranches but it was hard work! ©salzano

No our world today is changing and very rapidly towards destruction.  We have a spiritual problem not a money problem. Not a leader problem, not a weather problem.  This is all foretold in the the Bible and that this spiritual problem is because humanity has left God and turned their back on Him.  They want to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong so God is letting them. Plus He is letting humanity reap the horrific consequences of our wrong selfish choices.  I got to make all sorts of wrong choices and I also got to reap the sometimes very painful consequences of those decisions. But I also answered God's call and changed my path. I now get the reap the good results of right decisions.  Rocky painful road or road where God is there to help you through every rough patch.  Seems like a easy answer to me.  
My rancher dad and myself before he died. ©salzano

Well enough of my rant and back to my first remembering.  Those teal boots.  I eventually did raise up some animals and made enough money to buy myself a pair of teal blue boots and I was teased forever from my dad. All in good fun and I loved those boots. "Real cowboys and cowgirls do not wear teal boots dad said."  It was true because teal boots when all that mud and manure got on them for working the cow lots and pastures were mighty brown.  That is why brown boots was a better choice, unless of course you get a pair just for the barn dance!!  
Condon Oregon. My dad's dad with ranch horses. ©salzano

all things wear out and rust.  Only our relationship with God lasts forever if we choose wisely to follow His ways. 

Children grow up learning important life lesson on farms and ranches.
                                                                       ©all photos are my own.  

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