He hears you!

©salzano photo from Westport Washington
The above verse is a promise from God.  However it is important to understand this is not a open card where anyone can ask anything and like the genie in a bottle have it granted.  

For one, some things we ask for are not good for us.  Two, some things are asked in a wrong way.  Greed, vengeance, or selfish , sinful nature will not be answered. Some things we need to wait for.  Most things I have had to wait for and some I waiting many years for!  ;-)
All prayer is heard!
God hears all prayer.  Everything we pray is heard. Fact. Truth.
Two things are important in the promise.  First "according to HIS will" means in line with what is good, good for us, good according to His plans for us"  Second "And IF we KNOW" means if we believe. We MUST BELIEVE
If we do not believe and we are living a life according to that unbelief and ask God in anger, or like we feel entitled with a bad attitude I would not expect God to answer with a positive answer to do what you like.  Like a small child asking his parents for something, the want must be in line with respect, need, and attitude of the child before parents will grant the request.  God gives us many wants just because He loves us!  Needs are met because He is God and He takes cares of his faithful children.  

Even if you are not yet a believer but want to be and cry out to God.  Know this: God hears you!  God will help you to come to Him and change. IF you are sincere -you have HOPE and PROMISE that God will find a way for you no matter what!

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