Fear and Anxiety is rooted in what?

waves soothes my soul  by ©Salzano

I had never really had fear or anxiety but time and circumstances 
can change what is normal.....

I was a bold and strong willed young adult.  Introvert and shy but determined.  Maybe it was
 years of life.  Just living life that wore on me.  Of course now I see every single thing in my 
life is a part of the plan in God's purpose for me.  The divorce, the loss of seeing my first child, the 
death of a husband, another divorce, then abandonment from next husband to younger women. 
Eating poorly and then reaping serious health problems. 
Yes the life of each one of us can wear down our self reliance. ( we need GOD reliance!) Soon a trigger happens like a health problem or a car accident, or the loss of a child, loss of mate etc. 
Then we find ourselves in major anxiety and fear.   



a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.
,whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being 
Antonyms: couragesecuritycalmintrepidity.
a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling:
an abnormal fear of heights.

concern or anxiety; solicitude:
a fear for someone's safety.


nounplural anxieties.

distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or 
He felt anxiety about the possible loss of his job.
earnest but tense desire; eagerness:
He had a keen anxiety to succeed in his work.
Psychiatry. a state of apprehension and psychic tension 
occurring in some forms of mental disorder.
However we dwell in a physical as well as a spiritual world!
In this spiritual world (which is not seen by the human eye). You have the word of God that reveals- you can see the results of the spirit world.  To address this fear and anxiety we have to realize it is not from GOD but from His adversary Lucifer, or Satan and his demons.  They are and always have been the rulers of deceit and fear in this world.  They do affect what we think about. 
(let me inject here that being deceived means you do not know your deceived or you would not be deceived right? So we need to be enlightened  about satan's deceit in order to overcome his influence! We must WANT to know TRUTH! or we shall stay deceived and think we are right when we are just wrong)
 Until we understand that not all thoughts that come into our minds -are from us we shall fall into various wrong ideas and thoughts. These thoughts will become actions.  One of the actions is fear and anxiety.  They usually start with a real event but to continue the fear is not based on what IS going to happen or not it is based on what MIGHT happen.  
Charleston Oregon Beach by ©Salzano

There are millions of things that MIGHT happen.  We cannot live on what might be but live on what is today. 
For this moment I live. For this moment I am ok, For this moment I have enough, For this moment I breathe, I can think on what is and not what might be. 
 I keep these things on my mind whenever a anxious thought starts to rear its ugly head.
I also found that Praise, singing out loud along with the radio is a true tool to battle this. Drop whatever you are doing and praise out loud if you can if not in your mind!  I listen to KLOVE every day to start my day.  The songs become ingrained in my mind for positive shields against anxiousness and fear.  It helps me Stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ!  

I also lift up the sword of truth and battle with open voice to cry out Jesus Name and boldly go before the throne of God to ask He lift these thoughts and protect my mind.  

This does not mean it will not come again and again.  But each time you battle back you gain strength in God and through God we are more than conquers! 

Life took hold in a dead tree (wood pos)t in the bay. Just as we can be made alive through Christ our Lord. Photo ©Salzano

Do it all afraid, in constant awareness of what you are thinking about.  To better understand this concept please get and read Joyce Meyers book, "the battle of the mind!"
I have read her books on this and it is inspired by God!   
 Here is a part one on audio / Utube:

Pray often and Know that true followers of God are more than  happy to pray for you.  Reach out and take back your thoughts and actions.  Fear and Anxiety can be dwelt with. we do not have to become a slave to them.  God bless you and help you as you reach out to Him.  

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