caffeine and spiritual warfare

We all face battles every day.  Relationship battles, financial battles, health battles, mental battles and spiritual battles.

If you are a genuine follower of Jesus Christ and study His word and His ways then you know the spiritual heaviness is far greater today then say- 15 years ago.  The world has drastically changed for the worse morally in the past 25 years!  God left us quite a lot of advice in His word about the battles we would face as a follower.  Never did He say we would have a easy road just because we decided to accept His calling.  But instead gave us direction about putting on the whole armor of God.  Geared for battle to stand on the side of righteousness and Gods ways of living against the ways of darkness and sin that the world has gone.  Held in the chains of that dark serpent called the devil who appears as a angel of light but deceives the whole world.  God said he does deceive the whole world!  Unless you have received the blood sacrifice of Jesus dying for you! If we are sick (physically)or stagnant spiritually we are more open to falling prey to temptations.

Therefore we must know we are nearing the end of the rule of man and darkness and this last part of race will take everything you have to endure and overcome.  The first half of the preparation is God's word. Living, breathing speaking and writing the word of God.  This is the spiritual training you have been receiving every day.  But Today I speak of the physical.  No warrior will fight the good fight if they are sick, run down, mentally or physically.
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If there is any worldly crutch you have been using to lean on, now is the time to get rig of it!  In my own life God is making me face harsh realities of what I can eat and drink and what is more harmful then good.  For instance, I know that a little alcohol is not sin.  But even a little at the wrong time and place can loosen your defenses however little we cannot afford to let down anywhere.  We are in dangerous times.  Prepare for great challenges ahead!

Did you know that a lot of people are now having caffeine sensitivities?  Are we more sensitive now? Are we drinking more than in past years? I was searching the internet about it and found these symptoms:
Not just from coffee but any item with caffeine in it. Choc, etc.  
If you have had serious symptoms like myself it can be debilitating!  The new Matcha craze  caught me.  I loved the taste and was drinking more of that then the occasional decaf. when I found I was having anxiety attacks and what the posts on line called overdose of caffeine symptoms.  
So I have had to quit!  it is ok, it is not a NEED to drink it.  Neither is it a need to drink alcohol every day or to eat way to much sugar filled products IF they are harming your health.  Slowing you down, causing you to gain weight and bring on depression and anxiety.  We can not afford to get weighted down with anything that will affect our race. 
organic oatmeal cookies sweetened with cooked dates, and has pumpkin in them! 

This is a race.  We are the runners.  We have to travel light, Keep steady, keep fit in body and mind.  We must hold the course. Steady and sure.  Be ready to go at a moment notice if God says move!

What would happen if by years end' a huge financial crash happens and we cannot live as we usually do?  Maybe we have to move to another state and live on less than half of the income we do now.  What kind of shape we in for the changes that may come sooner than later? They will come!  Prepare now for a reduction in how you live.  
I am not saying we need to prepare two years of food in a wilderness bunker.  That is not depending on God and that is not a for sure way to be prepared.  The only safety is in Christ.  That is depending on God for every single days needs.  But we do and are required to prepare spiritual with prayer and study and praise to God daily and To prepare the best we can physically in mind and body.  Just like a runner prepares for the big race.  Just like a solder prepares for battle. 
My daughter in law makes a healthy dinner for us!

If you see something happening in your health or spiritual life you may want to take extra notice. Is God leading you to change something?  Heed it!  Be ready to change whatever you need to, and stay strong on what God leads you to do or believe or in health.  

In closing, I would add that exercise is my biggest plus in my new path to live healthy so that I can live more abundantly for God.  My exercise is swimming but everyone needs to consistency have something they do.  Four to five days a week.  You can overcome depression, anxiety, fears, poor health.  God does heal for one!  But we must put forth the effort.  Live life.  Don't just exist.  It is worth the daily battle to overcome the flesh and trust God with all the rest! Walk, Run, or Swim Study, praise and pray in thankfulness   
                Just a few must haves in a day!  ;-)
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