A Passionate Prayer for you me and true believers!


Almighty God, 
We come before you with a quiet heart 

Seeking that close relationship that binds us together
we know we are frail and weak
fraught with flaws in our walk with you

But you know our hearts
how we trust and look to you for all things
That we may have courage and not fear in the days ahead
That we will be walking, breathing the word of God
Lift up our weak knees to stand firmly
protect our minds against all anxiety and unrighteousness
let us not be deceived!
but instead let truth your truth direct our path
more than conquerors by and through your word and your ways

Our brothers and sisters in Christ live all over the world
we do not know all their needs
yet we know that you know every detail in each of our lives
You alone can save
teach and correct us
Our help comes from the Lord our God
You go before us and bring up safety from behind
If anything comes against us
we know by the great love you have for us
that you have allowed it and thus you will bring us through it

We know that all the paths you allow us to go through
are the foundation to our growth and strength
every thing that has and will happen in our lives
at this time is crucial to what and why we have been born
and live at this exact moment 

Let this truth be front on our minds:
You decided we should live at this time
at this crucial time in history
you CHOSE US to live 
 The most important time in all history
A time where Christ shall return 
Possibly in this very generation!

That means we have a incredible purpose to all those around us
to live the word of God. To Speak the word of God
Living sacrifices to a world in darkness 
Loved by Almighty God for yet unfolding purposes 
according to your Great Will!  

Now I pray for your Anointing!
For greater strength,
for stronger conviction
for courage that will never quit or run
be that courage through us with your Holy Spirit

Anoint your true followers
Living with love towards all living things
but having strong boundaries of your word
in our thoughts and actions
We surrender to your will and even when in fear
we go ahead in fear because we trust in you 
not in our feelings.  

Your words :
Do not fear for I will be with you!
shall be the tie that binds
That overcomes
that comes through every circumstance
in Jesus Name we Pray

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