A Child who lived..........

my son ©salzano

I can look back and see what might have been but in this case it turned out good not negative.
It is back in the 1970's.  I was pregnant with a child and the man I lived with was not my husband. 
He was just getting his career off, and had gotten his first house.  We had been living together and when I told him I was PG, he was not happy.  He pressured me to get it aborted.  I considered it.  His opinion made sense but thanks be to God who helped me decide not too.  At the time I had not considered life much.  I was def. not called by God at that point and lived my life to my own dictates. 

But as I considered this life in me, I could not bare the thought of killing a unborn child .  I told my partner of my decision and I believe we broke up for a while.   I would not tell my parents.  But besides that I did not want to do this.  I decided to take the consequences and make do.  
I had already made one huge mistake in my young life and divorced a man and we had a little girl.  My ex husband had her most the time and we were suppose to have joint custody.   Now here I was pregnant with another child and alone.  
My son and first born daughter

So long story short is I gave birth to a son.  I had him one year before his dad and I were married.  Bob, my husband changed his whole mind about abortion after our son was born. He never quit telling me how sorry he was that he had wanted me to have a abortion.  Richard meant everything to Bob. He was so proud of his son.  Their time together was short since Bob died when Richard was about 8 yrs old.  

So what would have happened if I had not given birth to my son Richard.  He would not exist today.  This baby grew up to be amazing!  As did my other two children and now I look back at all the lives that would have not been or been less because of him.  His youngest sister would not have had a brother that looked after her every day and been a best friend.  His wife would not have married him and their young daughter would not have been.  I would have lost a big help and comfort if he was not in my world.  Through all the things that happened later my son and my kids have always been a help and bright spot in life.  
©salzano  Richard growing up! 

When Bob was killed in a drunk driver accident my son was a big help. Through more life problems we grew very close and I see how great the lives of all he touched are made better by knowing him.  I can not undo the loss of being with my first daughter those young years of mine and hers.  But God did help us to know and meet each other later after she was grown. (first daughter) But maybe the loss of seeing my first daughter to divorce helped me choose better to keep my son and not abort.  I held tightly to my next two children and valued them more.  

If you are trying to decide wether to keep a baby or abort I personally say you will never regret having the baby.  If you simply can not keep the baby at least let someone who cannot have a child of their own raise yours.  Life is too precious.  So precious and we only see a little of what God has in store for all humanity.  Coming soon we all have to give account of our decisions.  Let your decision now be able to stand before God and say you gave life to His child
 (we are only here to care and raise them as they really belong to God)
to be alive not destroyed  in the womb.  Trust God. He has a great plan for you and the baby even if that plan is unseen by you right now.  

Here are pictures of lives impacted in a negative way if I had aborted Richard before he had a chance to live:
Richard with his daughter ©salzano

my granddaughter who would not be here without Richard! 

My son and his young daughter 

left to right, a best friend of my son, his youngest sister and Richard.
 Just think of how life would have changed! If they were not alive.   My kids all have happy attitudes and positive outlooks.  They care about each other and about those they meet and work with.  All it takes is commitment to love and respect all life. Esp to those in our family. Esp to those we have given the gestation of life. Allowing ourselves to conceive or even if it was not planned, the life inside us is life. God's life.  Valuable and to God most Precious!  
My two daughters and myself a few years ago. ©salzano

My late husband Bob and I years ago

and one last note. If you have already aborted a baby and want to know if God forgives you, the answer is yes!  Of course!  IF you have really regretted what you did and are planning on changing your course for the future you are def. forgiven!  We all have sinned and fallen short of His Righteousness but that is why Jesus Christ has came to earth, been murdered and tortured.  To bleed His Holy blood in payment for our sins!  HE paid for our transgressions.  You can change with Gods Holy Spirits help.  You can walk in new life.  And help others walk and be encouraged too!  

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