Worlds Fair Tree Stump Postcard from 1921


I found this 1921 post card in my stash of family albums yesterday.  Notice the caption, 
"Worlds Fair Stump, Bellingham, Washington"
The back had the letter and date .

It is amazing to see how far we have changed since the time of long saws to cut down trees as in this photo to what we do and use now.  
Look at how many men are on the stump! about 18 I think.  And that huge trunk behind them too.  It was a slow process for those loggers.  It took some rail ways and horses to pull the logs. Many accidents happen to loggers even today.  But we cut down how many to their one each day?  
Today we have some much technology and it changes and upgrades in days not years.  Just think how many people had jobs when everything was down by hand! 

I can hardly keep up with how fast our new inventions come out now.and if not for my grown kids I would not have the ability to use my TV system, computer, iPad, iPhone.  I love the access!!  My topic  is even though we are fast into futuristic equipment is this helping society? We  have robots, machines to do everything and even talk of now implanting things in our brains to help our slow brains hold more information! Gag! But with each new invention LESS jobs are for regular people to have jobs! 
Cars that drive themselves, camera recognition  so we can buy in stores without physically get our wallet out of our purse, and the list goes on.  Some scary!  Like combining pig DNA with human in a pigs body!  
Has any of this helped people get along with each other better?  Do we have less hate, murder, deceit?  Do we have more jobs for more people and are the people more satisfied overall?  Do more families have their own home, apt?  Or are they forced into smaller less livable areas, places to dwell?

The answer is no.  We are not better even though some reports want you to believe we are.  Children are not happier, families are disappearing and it is more about the self .  
actually for the first time since after the WW11 nations are again gearing up quickly for possible WW3.  This is not peace and abundance for the people of earth but anger, hate as humanity can not get alone with each other.  

The reason is spiritual not physical. Proving that our ability to create things, is not the problem the problem is character, spiritual and the loss of our connection to God.  There is only one solution as the word of God has already shown, that is the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of all.  He only can bring peace and teach humanity the correct way to live among each other.  As the world rushes to the brink of annihilation we can have hope because God has promised to return and save us from blowing up the entire world. 

I watch Jason A once a week.  This Utube site shows news condensed in a short video and the " progress" we are making not in months, or weeks but days.  Eye opener for sure.  Here is the link:

We have a choice to not follow the world attitudes and ways. That way is listed in God Holy Word the Bible and having a close relationship with God.  Unless you are close to God you cannot understand the veil of darkness that covers humanity.  Trust God and ask Him for help. He hears those who hearts are seeking Him sincerely.  

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