Its true, He hears and Answers your cry.....

It came to me as I was driving and musing on God's analogies and nature, that God hears every cry...  
photo @Vicky  Daugherty

You see God is speaking to His children all the time.  You are one of His precious children.  Even if you do not know Him ...YET.  For one thing, have you ever seen how a mother sheep, mother cow or any animal reacts when their offspring cry out?  Watch a nature show and watch the reaction of mother animals when the cry of alarm or pain sounds and what they do.  They will leap into action!  ready to fight, instantly they react and run toward their kids.

Do you not realize that God our creator hears every cry you utter?  Like a mother ready to protect and come- God hears and knows.  No cry is unheard but some times God is not saving us from our troubles.  Why?  That is what many parents ask when a child dies.  When a accident happens. When a child is killed by bullets.  So many instances.
As a human I know how I felt when my children fell or did something that really hurt them but I was unable to protect them.  Maybe it was some wrong decision they made that brought on consequences.  We are human God is God.  BUT God does allow consequences to actions.  And sometimes we never understand the why YET.  Trust God no matter what and again I emphasize that we have to focus on the FACT, the TRUTH that God hears every cry.  He knows.  Our job is to trust how He handles it. 
 He hears and knows everything in your mind and heart at any given moment.  When we grow in grace and understanding we will have all the answers to all our cries.  All the why's will become evident.  But first we must understand the huge  love He has. 

Also, Remember we live in a broken world that is ruled by fallen spirits of darkness too.  That Christ is coming back to take over the rule of this world from Satan and Man's self rule.  That new world will not be like this one.  

Today repeat to yourself God hears all my cries.  He will do what is best for me and for who ever I am praying about.  We must get past the idea God has to Fix things according to our idea of fixing.  As long as We are deciding the outcome to situations, we are not trusting God completely.  

Here is a tube song by Ellie Holcomb called the Songs of Deliverance. Words are included so you can sing along!  Live, Love, Trust in the only one who can Deliver us through (not out of) every pain and situation we have.  


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